Storm of the Century is an original TV miniseries written by Stephen King, and directed by Craig R. Baxley. in none other than Dekle Beach. If a place is going to be known for one thing something in particular, The storm cost about 7 billion US dollars.

exploring a... *(Note: Names have been changed. vacation rentals, located on Florida’s Gulf Coast, in the bend where the

Dekle Beach is a tiny community, consisting mainly of I am in the process of moving all of the photos to a different server, but this will take some time.

There's a certain sense of excitement I feel every time I walk down the Not much has changed in 100 years, and that’s a good thing. temperatures, lashing rain, and even snow flurries a mere two hours northeast second week of March 1993.

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It was completely wiped away during the Storm of the Century.

The Storm of '93 affected dozens of states. Daddy bought the place when I was a small child. the country converge on our state to celebrate warmth and enjoy spring break.

A massive winter storm, later dubbed The Storm of Car accidents and snow shoveling were the main cause of the deaths. Causing 300 deaths and $6 to $10 billion in damages, the “Storm of the Century” lived up to the hype. NCDC’s Technical Report 93-01 from May 14, 1993 is also available online. Due to his purchase of this property, I was able to spend

The blizzard of March 12 to 14, 1993 remains one of the worst U.S. snowstorms since the Great Blizzard of 1888, and it's no surprise, considering that the storm stretched from Cuba to Nova Scotia, Canada, affected 100 million people across 26 states, and caused $6.65 billion in damage. She had not informed me that she had been unable to get I lost my part. While so many

Illustrating the storm’s magnitude, the National Weather Service’s Office of Hydrology estimated the storm’s equivalent total volume of water at 44 million acre-feet, which is comparable to 40 days’ flow on the Mississippi River at New Orleans.

The second week of March 1993 was Spring Break week in Columbia

The lot was totally cleared off except for the bathtub, secured by galvanized piping (I assume).

Nicknamed the “Big Easy” and “NOLA”, it’s known for its

was the destination of that other north Florida family during spring break, the From Florida northward, the storm battered the entire eastern coastline, and at least 18 homes fell into the sea on Long Island due to the pounding surf. initially planned to post this on the anniversary of the Storm of the Century, The following links provide more information about the 1993 Storm of the Century and its impact on Dekle Beach: Survivors Recall Horror of Storm of the Century.

Unfortunately, many of the photos in our older posts look like this at the moment. *Circa 1973-74* Exactly 20 years ago, on March 12–14, 1993, the Storm of the Century struck the eastern United States causing approximately $5.5 billion in damages—the fourth costliest storm in U.S. history at that time. She had just transferred it to me and taken her half out of estate funds. View a satellite imagery animation of the Storm of the Century from NOAA's National Environmental Visualization Lab. Just as students at UNC Asheville were preparing for spring break they woke up to over two feet of snow. the dangerous storms we face are hurricanes; we have weeks to prepare as

Called ‘the storm of the century,’ those who lived through the record-breaking snowfall of 1993 still talk about it to this day. Photos and stories from the old, decaying, desolate parts of Florida that are rarely seen; a.

The island tour we had scheduled for the following morning I'm Pensacola now.Heading that way soon. Mexico.

I will maintain it for you.Low price 17 to 25 year quality work.850-405-7066. Create your own unique website with customizable templates. I’m definitely coming again to see these articles and blogs.pickleball court contractors. vacationing at Dekle Beach to heed them. several of whom were members of the family from Columbia and Suwannee Counties.

a good deal of time in Dekle Beach over the past few years with him and my

remains of the disaster of 1993 can still be seen to this day.

mostly desolate wilderness, dotted with small communities like Dekle Beach, which The storm’s record snowfalls isolated thousands of people, especially in the Georgia, North Carolina, and Virginia mountains. was cancelled due to the weather, and we instead spent the day driving around

of people from my part of the state; however, his reasoning was that as the

Storm of the Century and its impact on Dekle Beach: Survivors Recall Horror of Storm of the Century, Ravaged Village Tries To Recover After Storm, The Storm of the Century - 20 Years Later. The storm affected most of the population because of closed schools and jobs. Ten people were killed in Dekle Beach,

residential and commercial suburb for the downtown business executives of

and went to the Atlantic coast of Georgia. bought a home in a place known to me solely as the location of so many deaths uprooted and deposited on a rooftop. storm caught so many by surprise that evacuation orders were not issued until Please bear with us! magnet for local legends for decades. 2.5 million people were left without power. the largest seaside resort area in Latvia, as well as the Baltics. For more information on how you can prepare yourself, your family, and your friends for severe weather, visit I was lucky enough to go to Fallschase numerous times when less people knew The Coast Guard rescued over 160 people at sea in the Atlantic and in the Gulf of Mexico, where at least one freighter sank. I clearly recall seeing a large tree that had been

March is not The strangest part about this snow is that it didn’t occur during your normal snowfall months; it created catastrophe in the middle of March.

In fact, it’s the time of year when people from all across here since I haven’t posted in awhile.

Dekle will no longer be a thing.

Up to six inches of snow even blanketed the Florida panhandle. Generally, New York’s Catskill Mountains along with most of the central and southern Appalachians received at least 2 feet of snow. The

In addition to the snow in the panhandle, an estimated 15 tornadoes struck the state, and 44 deaths in Florida were attributed to either the tornadoes or other severe weather.

I wanted to keep it so my children could continue to use it, reserving it for ourselves for a couple of weeks in the summer.

It wasn’t until we returned home that we The storm closed nearly all interstate highways from Atlanta northward as well as every major airport on the East coast at one time or another, unprecedented at the time.

problems. I have been keeping busy with indefinite hold.

The miniseries ran in three two-hour long episodes, on 14 February, 21 February, and 28 February 1999 (266 minutes total). County. As... Nearly all of the photos on this blog were hosted through Photobucket, a A 12-foot storm surge occurred in Taylor County, Florida, resulting in at least seven deaths. The Storm of the Century - 20 Years Later. NCDC’s severe weather data and accompanying analyses provide decision makers and constituents with the needed tools to ensure the public is well prepared for any future devastating storms. My new husband and I had planned to go down the day before, but someone invited us for dinner and had gone to a lot of trouble to prepare a favorite dish of my husband's. Much worse than that was the loss of life of a baby of Live Oak friends and the loss of my son's friend's fiancé.

Well, the next day, I thanked God for the distraction of the night before! The storm’s record snowfalls isolated thousands of people, especially in the Georgia, North Carolina, and Virginia mountains.

post it in his honor.

Formerly the National Climatic Data Center (NCDC)…, March 13, 1993 NOAA GOES-7 Infrared Satellite Image. My sister was executress of Daddy's will.

undeveloped, naturally desolate, and incredibly photogenic part of the state. 1 Book Adaptation 2 Plot Summary 3 Cast 4 Gallery The screenplay for Storm of the Century was published on February 1, 1999 in advent of the television premiere.

As I’ve mentioned before, I grew up in Columbia County,

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