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One day, his photography is discovered by a bigtime New York City art dealer. In reality, it turns out that Beverly is actually a serial killer who murders people that she deems to be annoying, rude, and classless. Davis Waters also tours with his annual Christmas show that began in 1996.

We’ll see,” Waters writes of Joker. Highly divisive? Be sure to make your Emmy predictions today so that Hollywood insiders can see how their TV shows and performers are faring in our odds.

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In questionable taste? As Waters tells the story, Johnny Depp, fresh from his role on 21 Jump Street, was looking for a change. He has other creative outlets, such as photo-based art and installations that display a sense of humor.

Amazing Grace, directed by Sydney Pollack; later realized by Alan Elliot6. The real strength of the film comes from Peggy's lines which are absurd and hilarious throughout the entire movie. All rights reserved. Sean Connery, James Bond Himself, Dead at 90. He holds a deep passion for film, travel, and adventure. The film has become more relevant now than ever.

Victim.' Pain and Glory, directed by Pedro Almodóvar8. In 2008, he tried to make a Christmas film for children, “Fruitcake,” but the company who backed it went out of business.

The Souvenir, directed by Joanna Hogg10. Female Trouble plays on the celebrity status society places on murders and sees Divine dreaming of having her "big moment" one day. It sought to expose the truth, that behind the perfect facade of every white picket fence, sat a dysfunctional family. It drives girls crazy and leads to a relationship with the popular and preppy Allison. Dangerous? It was the first time that Waters was able to lure an A-list actor into one of his films.

But in recent years, critics and audiences have come to love John Waters and his films, realizing that what he did with his movies was subvert the norm. Do YOU?

Gasper Noé’s dance horror flick Climax.

Sadly, it was also Divine's last film before his death.

The movie went on to have midnight screenings around the world and was even banned in numerous countries. 'The Mandalorian' Season 1 recap delivers heroes, villains, and Baby Yoda ahead of…, No lie, Nicole Kidman ('The Undoing') could snag another Golden Globe thanks to David E. Kelley, 'Scream' killers ranked: Every villain who donned the Ghostface costume from worst to best…, HBO's Roy Cohn documentary 'Bully. Rachel Brosnahan Thoughtfully Explains What Dog Each of Her Characters Would Be, Taylor Swift Lends Her Voice to Get Out the Vote Ad, Here Are All the Costumes Celebs Wore to Their At-Home Halloweens, Amber Ruffin As ‘a Melania Trump’ Won Late Night This Week, Rachel Wenitsky Has Excellent Taste in Office Lunch.

One of his more quirky outlets was when he went on a cross-country hitchhiking trip in 2012, and wrote about his encounters in his 2014 book, “Carsick.” Waters also acts, most recently playing one of his idols, gimmicky B-movie king William Castle, on TV’s “Feud.” In honor of this one-of-a-kind auteur, here is a ranking of all of his 12 films ranked from worst to best, including “Pink Flamingos,” “Hairspray,” “Cry-Baby” and “Serial Mom.”, PREDICT the Emmy nominees and winners now; change them until July 12. At least he has a fabulous sense of humor. John Waters isn't your average filmmaker. You can change them later here: He was looking to break his teen heartthrob image and do something different. Demented and his crew kidnap Hollywood starlet Honey Whitlock and force her to act in guerilla-style filmmaking.


Like all of Water's films, there are underlying messages about society throughout. Golden Globes 2021: Will Ryan Murphy strike gold (again) with 'Ratched' in Best Drama Series?

Gold Derby racetrack odds say “Nomadland,” “Mank,” “Trial of the Chicago 7′ ‘One Night in Miami” and “News of the World” are out front.

Pecker is a young, working-class photographer living in Baltimore. Victim.’ is a uniquely personal look at Trump’s former lawyer, ‘Some Kind of Heaven’: Lance Oppenheim’s ‘striking’ documentary pulls the curtain back on life in a retirement village. “The best movie of the year gives new meaning to the term ‘bad trip,’” he raves. Once Upon a Time In Hollywood, directed by Quentin Tarantino4. (“Aretha never looked so talented or so lost, almost like an alien who is stunned by her own talents.”) Check out Waters’ full top ten list below: 1. In the film, Cry Baby (Depp) is a bad boy with a great voice who can only cry from one eye.

Mondo Trasho was Waters' first "legitimate" movie, and the plotline is a bit absurd. The film follows renegade indie filmmaker Cecil B. Demented (a play on the name of famous filmmaker Cecil B. DeMille) who is against mainstream Hollywood films.

Director John Waters releases his top ten movie list for 2019, which includes Climax, Border, Once Upon a Time In Hollywood and Joker.

From there, Pecker is thrust into the spotlight, and his decidedly uncouth family is as well. The Oscar-winning Scottish actor had celebrated his 90th birthday in August.

Today it's one of the most successful cult films of all time.

Waters also loved Once Upon a Time In Hollywood (“A real crowd-pleaser that deserves every bit of its critical and financial success for pulling the rug out from under America’s true-crime obsession…”), Border (“You won’t believe this one!”) and the Aretha Franklin documentary Amazing Grace.

Below you can listen to the podcast version of our discussion. The Golden Glove, directed by Fatih Akin9.

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Peggy, an insane conservative housewife, goes on the run with her maid after they kill her husband. Hairspray was the film that completely changed Waters' career. 'Athlete A' could be the next sports scandal documentary to vault into Oscar contention, Chloe Zhao ('Nomadland') could go from film festival darling to first Asian female nominated for Best…, This is the way! But these bannings only fueled the movie's popularity. PREDICT NOW: Who Will ‘Dancing With the Stars’? “The first big-budget Hollywood movie to gleefully inspire anarchy. Read more Gold Derby entertainment news. 3. He fully believes that 'The Faculty' is the greatest movie ever made. Early on, Waters assembled a stock company of players from suburban Baltimore who he called the Dreamlanders, including Mink Stole and Edith Massey.

In Mortville, the two encounter a wide array of insane, grotesque people. He’s nuts!”, Gabrielle Union and Jessica Alba on How Far Hollywood Hasn’t Come, Gizelle Bryant and Heather Gay came ready to talk about the behind-the-scenes reality of, End Your Week With This Twitter Feud Between Kirstie Alley and CNN, The 50 Best Horror Movies on Netflix Right Now. The film also starred Tab Hunter, an old Western star and 50's singer. You can keep changing your predictions as often as you like until just before nominees are announced on July 12. Renowned for his transgressive cult films, John Waters first directed ‘Hag in a Black Leather Jacket,’ the short film. No longer was he the Pope of Trash who made offensive films that could only be seen by adults. The film's success was due partly to its gimmick, Odorama, where audience members were given scratch-off cards of various smells throughout the movie. The film is loaded with sex, murder, backstabbing, and even a very odd scene at the end involving a giant lobster.

Some movies, like Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, are known for being nods to the film industry. "Many great novels have been adapted for the big screen, and many...", Disappointing Book-To-Film Adaptations That Could’ve Been Oscar Contenders, "1. The last film he helmed was 2004’s “A Dirty Shame,” which earned an NC-17 rating. Sign up your pals & colleagues – It’s so easy!


Multiple Maniacs centers around the delirious antics of Divine. 4.

He wants his movies to be raw, indie, and real. ... “The best movie of the year gives new meaning to … Only you could get away with it.” The director’s favorite film of the year, however? You\'ll receive the next newsletter in your inbox. However, Connie and Raymond Marble want the title for themselves.

Leaderboards: See who has best predictions at Gold Derby! He’s definitely a lo...", 2021 Grammy predictions: Album of the Year (Part 8), "That is one film I will NEVER watch, because while I’m tol...". Coward. The film is filled with notoriously offensive scenes, including the infamous moment when Divine eats actual dog crap. NEXT: 10 Movies From The Past Decade That Are Destined To Become Cult Classics.

RELATED: Johnny Depp's 10 Best Performances, Ranked. Clive Barker Has Such Sights to Show You in HBO’s. As the movie progresses, the family feels the pressure of fame, and their lives are ruined by the judging eyes of spectators. Border, directed by Ali Abbasi5. Though the film was rated PG, it still had a message about society, playing upon issues of race, sexism, and fat-shaming.

Closer ‘pov’ is a rare moment when Grande is an unsure human like the rest of us. John Waters is a controversial filmmaker, but his works have become cult classics, and we're counting down the best of the best. Female Trouble was the followup to Pink Flamingos, and many, along with Waters himself, say this is the best of his early films.

The movie was heavily inspired by the Manson Family, especially Waters' relationship with Tex, and the infamous courtroom fiasco with Charles and the Manson Girls. They're stopped by a police officer and are offered two choices - go to jail, or be sent to Mortville, the most disgusting town on planet Earth. Or listen at iTunes, Spotify, Libsyn, Google Play or Stitcher where you can subscribe to our channel.

© 2020 Vox Media, LLC. A Dirty Shame was another of Waters' movies that pushed the limits of decency while trying to make a point. Coward. The film revolves around two groups of warring people in Baltimore; those who are kinky and over-sexed vs. those who are pious and prudish.

There’s nothing inherently wrong with Japanese Week as a concept, but this episode illustrates all the ways it can go bad.

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... John Waters Presents: Movies That Will Corrupt You 13 Episodes (2007-2007) In fact, John Waters claims it to be his favorite of all his films.