In school, there is no mother and no father, only teachers and lots of friends. They help prepare kids for the road ahead in life. container: 'taboola-right-rail-thumbnails', Did your teacher’s words or actions inspire you not to quit? You as teachers have the power to mold the generations and make them understand the value of everything. I still remember, I joined this school in Standard V, when I used to be the shy and introvert person. What is the name of these inspiring teachers? 15) Random Day Poem on Teachers Day 2020. I could literally never even hold a colour pencil right, while she pushed me to win the drawing competition in standard VIII. (1) Imagine how good Mr. Sellereit felt when he heard that!

Teachers Day is a significant occasion for both the teachers as well as the students. I would also like to thank our PT Sir, who has been very particular about the physical fitness and would not let us miss the class. Thank you. They share our joys, sorrows and even aspirations. Remind a teacher to keep their batteries charged!

Each teacher deserves tremendous love, care, affection and respect. Read: #TeachersDay: President tweets on how education is the bedrock of an enlightened society, Read: 'Teachers can be the agents of change': HRD Minister Javadekar. They will be like misguided souls, lacking in motivation without a spirit to move on. Back in the day, you probably rolled your eyes at that one teacher who “nagged” you to do better. It also doesn’t hurt if they have a knack for holding on to their sanity while dealing with other people’s kids! I would especially like to thank the teachers who have worked so hard towards educating us and transforming us from a raw to a mature and sensible individual. Since my kids care school till this last session of class 12th, I feel so content and complete when I look back on what I have learnt. Always try to improve? This entire school is a treasure of knowledge for me and I’ve cherished each and every moment I’ve spent here. Saying you appreciate that effort reminds a teacher that their impact goes beyond the classroom. In this case a teacher appears as a true unbiased mentor, preventing the child from being drifted away on wrong path. Covid pandemic offers a chance to construct better buildings for future.

They are the ones who built the nation’s literacy gap and nurture the great citizens of the country. Admit it.

are shown attending the class of Asrani (Angrezo ke jamaane ke jailor) and finally of Gabbar Singh. We all should acknowledge the importance of presence of a teacher in our lives. Your sacrifices don’t go unnoticed.