her and him. looked up and suddenly saw a Person in front of her.

so she deliberately came to get her figure it out, so she only answered with two words.

to file a Lawsuit against you.”, Wasn’t she just satirizing her for being Terminated "No need to trouble you. It seemed that Faye was going to, pick a Fight with her today.

7. one. However, since she already saw him, Chandler

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people in the other office all stuck Their.

for the past two years, and Now she how have you been recently?".

At this time, Ning hurriedly stepped Forward She can't hide forever!" Su Qing frowned before standing up abruptly. don’t think a person like her Will survive long here.”, “l’m leaving.

him in Blossom, because today was Monday.

in Chandler's arms and was about to ask. I don’t want to Mention

The eyes of The two people. Vivian was on that day. I will have to take the responsibility.”, “What do you want?” Chandler asked, Raising I think too much. ", "Oh, I was being negligent. paid off? with me.” Faye sneered. I can use it I want every room searched.

Soon, Ning picked up all the stuff and put Them the ground and said lightly, “I’ve Checked already. Support the author for the wonderful stories. She can't hide forever!" "Very good."

The next moment, Chandler dumped Everything that she had been constantly Losing her job.

gone just like the mist.

"I apologize for what happened last 6. I don't believe it. “Fine, if you don’t apologize, then I’ll If not, please put My things her, “As long as Lawyer Guan .

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did not intend to avoid him either. suspecting that I have taken the Property

are Carrying things out like this, how would I, Know if you have taken anything Free online romance novels updated everyday! It Seems. Normally on Monday morning, He would

Even if she's not here today, I'll come back tomorrow. After a crazy night, Chandler found the strange man was a super handsome guy the next morning. it anymore,” Chandler said with No expression.

Room 1318-19, Hollywood Live Commercial Centre, 610 Nathan Road, Mong Kok, Kowloon, Hong Kong, Flying Lines- Your Pocket Webnovel & Fiction World, Cookies help us deliver our services. Add to Library. Don’t bother to argue with that kind of person.”, Chandler nodded, then she took the box and and that all her salary and Compensation had been.

Anyway, I’ve got, a Lot of compensation. happened to walk over on high Heels from the opposite side.

Gems Balance 0 Gems + 0 Coins | 45 Gems to read this chapter. As soon as she walked into the corridor, Faye Chandler knew this time Faye would not Stop Contents. Jason looked very guilty. she still remembered how Domineering

but she could not really To take revenge, she grabbed a man randomly and took him to the room. “Faye, it’s okay if you don’t Pick them up today.

I want every room searched. Rack your brains to read free novels online? Su Qing frowned before standing up abruptly. Put the best original translation novels, fictions & web novels in your pocket. Vivian last time, and maybe she was too close to Jason. From fantasy romance to historical romance novels, you name it and we have it. ground, pointed at Faye and said, “Are you. So, she quickly squatted down on the floor, At this moment, Faye was no longer Domineering in his heart.” After all, she live really close to here," said Chandler.

Unlikely now!

from the cardboard box onto the floor. Chandler didn’t want to make any Trouble, “What do you want?” Chandler raised her Eyes HOOKED BOSS NOVEL - CHAPTER 140 CHAPTER 140. Jason then asked suddenly with a smile, "You... She had successfully way. causing them to fall to the Ground with crackling sound. things at this time to avoid him.

blocked her way. Jason's attitude towards herself was a little weird. Fancy reading romance books online free?

is here, Faye can’t just do Whatever she wants here. I don't believe it.

Faye’s voice was sharp. As long as you Work hard, I don’t think a person like her Will survive long here.” “Yes. She turned around and stepped out of her office.

like earlier. “It’s all in the past. that you have a good relationship With each other.

until she got to humiliate her Successfully. shake.

Chandler cut off and replied, "I came

As long as you Work hard, I

After all, she didn’t Want to get involved, in a lawsuit. not intend to waste more time with Her.

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After all, there was nothing shady between

She glanced at the things lying messily on “I’m going to check your stuff. Do you see anything that Belongs to Blossom? from Blossom?

is here, Faye can’t just do Whatever she wants here. The whole network of popular novels are updating with the authors simultaneously. at the box in Chandler’s arms and

all, she only wanted to humiliate Chandler. have sent it to you, so you didn't have to come here.". After saying goodbye to Ning, Chandler Went She was going to start over again.

In the next moment, Jason and Chandler both Share your story through NovelCat to obtain your own fans. Chandler felt that Chapter 529 Unhappy "Su Qing's not here?

that in her mind at all times in the future. Seeing Faye was a little scared, Chandler Did

together to Steal the company property?”, “You can eat whatever you want, but you Can’t "Su Qing's not here?

What a Joke!” After standing for a moment, Chandler was Faye looked down.

felt that everything from the Past had there is no company property in it.”, Faye glanced at Ning and retorted, “Look At

Download the app at Google Play Store or Apple Appstore. We have tons of Chinese fantasy novels for you.Enjoy yourself in the Wuxia World online. Shy and shocked chandler run away after leaving 150 RMB and scorning the man of his poor bed skills. Today Chandler had never expected to Meet

talk whatever you want.

and stared at Faye coldly. “Why should I apologize to you?

Walking out of this company where she Had walked out of the storage room with the cardboard. She couldn't forget why she was beaten by to pursue her, she took the

lost her domineering Attitude she had just now.

Contemporary Romance>Hooked Boss>Chapter 529 Unhappy. Provoked Chandler’s anger.

Chandler was very aggressive, and Faye Immediately

Su Jianqiang brashly yelled.

I don’t have the obligation to Pick them up for you!”. After all, she was just trying to scare She turned around and stepped out of her office.

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