IK Multimedia introduced the fourth generation of AmpliTube four years ago, yet the only review of AmpliTube on Gearslutz is for version 3, posted over seven years ago! The GUI is adjustable, but this just makes everything bigger.

Dual-wield a Harmolator and Additive oscillator and slice through the mix with three multi-effects chains. MAESTRO® FUZZTONE is a registered trademark of Gibson Electronics. The sound quality of all AmpliTube 4 gear is excellent and includes details such as dynamic interaction between power amps and speakers, power supply ‘sag’, and even the “crunchy” clipping caused by low battery voltage on the Deacy amp! Fast-forward nearly two decades and our views on using a computer solely for music production might have changed to re-embrace hardware, but SampleTank is still here and it’s still making a very good case for your cash. Pros Yes, it’s still doing as many sounds as possible, but they are now delivered behind a slick and fully resizable fascia – redesigned for v4.0 – that is optimised to run beautifully on retina displays, although it can be a little dark on occasion. The screen is quite brilliantly simple, with icons for parts, layers and the mixer at the top, plus some of the more compositional elements (arpeggiator, etc) at the bottom, and more settings-based icons, bottom right. Effects become visible when you hit the Play icon and, if there is a criticism, it’s that the screen can quickly get full of effects. AmpliTube Brian May provides some unique sound processing, and while it won’t enable you to instantly play like Brian, it will allow you to create the tones and effects he is famous for.

Stompboxes of the Brian May rig with the Red Special control on the left plus a Fender tremolo added May himself has evaluated the emulations and approved them all, so I can’t argue with that. We provide insight and opinion on the gear, tools, software and services to enhance and expand the minds of music makers and listeners. All does sound very authentic to me. Also schnell die Seite www.ikmultimedia.com aufgerufen und zum AmpliTube Max navigiert, Software in den Warenkorb gelegt und dann zum Checkout.

+ Delivers a tonne of sounds like no other. Use of these names does not imply any cooperation or endorsement. TRACE ELLIOT is a registered trademark of Peavey Electronics Corporation. You can use up to 12 stomp boxes at a time with both Stomp A and Stomp B modules, though Brian himself uses few at a time, mainly the Treble Booster. 弊社Webサイトは閲覧性の向上や各個人に最適な情報の表示、アクセスの分析やアクセス元の判別、最適な広告を表示するするために、cookieやその他トラッキング技術を使用しています。 Read Sweetwater customer reviews for IK Multimedia AmpliTube MAX Bundle - Upgrade Reviews.