9 Quick Fixes, Best Replacement Speaker for Fender Champion 40, Boss Katana Mk2 50 vs 100: 10 Differences You Should Know, Fender Blues Jr IV Vs III – 7 Differences You Need To Know, Which model is more convenient to just pick up and play, Sound much much better esp if you are using iPhone 7 as the adapter deteriorates the sound quality badly, Can connect to USB and Lighting. For the Irig, it doesn’t need batteries to run as it gets power from the devices you plug it into. Here is a quick video we put together talking about the differences between the iRig Pre and iRig Pro. As I previously mentioned, the best "feature" of the iRig HD 2 is the convenience and ease-of-use you get from being able to play guitar through your computer or mobile device. While a set of headphones, via a 1/8" headphone jack, is the easiest solution, there are a number of different ways to setup output. So recently my practice time has been limited to the wee hours of the night and I'm looking for an interface to plug into either my laptop or ipad/iphone etc. There are a lot of times I’ve found myself wanting to play guitar, but can’t because I’m worried about waking the kids up or disturbing my wife while she watches TV. In a Mac, go to Settings - Sound and set the iRig HD 2 as both the default input and output device. Plugs into the charge cable (No charging the iOS device with this!). iRig HD 2 or iRig Pro IO (usage with Hifi-Receiver and Amp), Re: iRig HD 2 or iRig Pro IO (usage with Hifi-Receiver and A. Basically my … The iRig Pro IO seems newer and I like the possibility to connect an MIDI device to it (although I dont have a need for it yet) and more important it seems to come with a bigger AmpliTupe Software package for usage on both PC and iOS than iRig 2 HD does. The iRig HD 2 unboxes with all the necessary cables for either a phone, tablet or USB-based connection. While it may not perform as well as more expensive dedicated pre-amp units, it costs a fraction of the price and is more than good enough for home recording and even rehearsals or small performances. It cost the same as the regular Irig but has audio quality that is similar to the HD version. Double click the iRig HD 2 so it functions as the default listening device.

The iRig HD 2 has a number of options for monitoring and connecting to external amplifiers. Once the Mac was hooked up, I plugged in my PRS CE 24 via the guitar input (marked by a small guitar-shaped icon). Need to silent practice due a baby in the house or just wants to avoid disturbing family and neighbours? The iD4 is the only one listed on their website as iOS compatible, but it doesn't have the same converters as the 14 and 22. Bath The iRig HD 2 compliments IK’s series of compact audio interfaces designed to record guitar, bass guitar and line-level devices with minimum fuss on an iOS device or computer. It only needs the 9v when your are recording with phantom power. Roland Duo Capture, well regarded but I don't have much experience with Roland interfaces. Almost any product that has the word "pro" stuck to it is just a glorified consumer level product. I've looked into the Audient devices. They're expected to be used by a consumer, not a professional. For the price, this package punches well above its weight. If you don’t count basic volume tweaking, the device is ready to roll straight out of the box. I have an iRig Pro I/O, and the iPad Camera Connection Kit will power/charge the iPad/iPhone and still run guitar software, so you can use a battery brick with it, since most have USB power out. Volume control for the headphone out on the iRig HD 2 (gain control is on the opposite side of the enclosure). IK Multimedia’s follow up to the immensely popular iRig HD, the iRig HD 2, is the latest and best mobile guitar interface. My 2005 PRS CE 24 has five pickup combinations, which all sounded rich and distinct through either the headphones or iLoud speakers.

The cleans weren’t as impressive, but sounded more than good enough for home recording demos and for practise.

The Vox Amplug 2 offers more headroom and as a result, is able to provide a clean, deep and warm tone without distortion. The iRig HD 2 is IK Multimedia's second release of the widely-used iRig HD. IK Multimedia wrote the book on mobile guitar interfaces, and this upgrade of the iRig does everything possible to build on a remarkably solid track record.

by joergzdarsky » Mon May 01, 2017 12:13 pm, AXE I/O, iRig Stomp I/O, StealthPlug, StealthPedal, StompIO Guitar and Bass Audio Interfaces/Controllers, iRig Keys I/O and the iRig Keys family of MIDI controllers. A lot of the effects are free but additional ones need to be purchased. I would just get the Vox Amplug instead. In Sound, double click iRig HD 2 to make it the default device for sound input, then click the Output tab. There is an iRig guitar interface and the iRig Pro Duo.

Even without that concern, it’s a lot of work to get all my gear together just to play for 20 minutes. If you are undecided on which one to choose, this is the guide for you. Volume (controls the headset jack signal strength)2. It was the most productive I've ever been on my guitar on a Tuesday night at 7:30. These are made for instruments and won’t always hold up for live audio. Supports PC and Mac (the iRig HD-A lists PC support but not Mac). This article is an abridged version of the full iRig HD 2 review and setup guide. Get ONLY such a model with a digital lightning port connector as any cheaper device using the AUX port will introduce noise/static. Music Theory for Guitar Players in Plain English, The best Stratocasters 2020: how to find the perfect Fender Strat for you, Pick up a limited edition Epiphone Les Paul Special II for under $200 with this fantastic deal, Alice in Chains, Mastodon and Anthrax members cover Soundgarden’s Rusty Cage in blistering new playthrough video, From Egyptian death metal to folk-ambient tranquility: here are this week's essential guitar tracks, Kemper launches new overdrive system, inspired by classic drive pedals, Integrated headphone output with level control.