Just take 2500 kWh and divide by 30.5 days, that won’t tell you exactly what eachbday uses, but average overall. 1 second is 0.000277778 hours, so if your sensor is reading 10, 5, 19 you could calculate each one using 0.000277778 hours as your time, then add up each of those calculations to give you your kWh. Like in night time or when there is no sunlight than i will use the supply of my local electric grid station. i would realy apreciate your help. =250watts. from electric company. 1)That I use 400 litres of hot water in a month. 1)How much hot water that you use on a weekly/monthly basis; laundry, dishes, bathing thank-you!! would you maybe recomend that i make a wind turbine? For a more accurate answer please select 'decimal' from the options above the result. This number is then multiplied by 2.75X 10 to the negative 7th power (sorry, I don’t know how to show exponents). So you would need enough solar panels to supply 6,500 watts at once ( 6,500 watts usage / 46 watt solar panel = 141.304347826 ), so you would need 142 solar panels that produce 46 watts.. which is ridiculous. The formula for converting kWh to kW is very simple but it requires knowing over how many hours you would like the Kilowatts for. ( 7 x 365.25 / 12 = 213.0625 )… Now a single 46 watt solar panel can produce ( 46 watt x 14 hrs of sunlight x 365.25 days a year / 12 months / 1,000 = 19.60175 kWh / month ) you need to get 213.0625 kWh just to be safe, so 213.0625 kWh needed / 19.60175 kWh per panel = 10.869565217.. so 10 – 11 solar panels would work fine for you. can you help me out with the following. Thanks for stopping by. I’m thinking you have voltage sensor (volt meter) and amperage sensor (ammeter). Your formula in the calculator is not correct. This means if I have this 100W solar panel I would save $51.14 every year on my electric bill. The information found here will teach you what is a kilowatt hour, how to calculate kWh, convert watts to kWh, and more! I’ll give you a little more just incase. Therm(US) * 29.300. As most laptops consume around 90W. Well this depends on what appliances you run in your home, as well as if you are going to have the electricity stored in batteries for when you are not using it directly. how much bill it come in a month. So first you will need your solar panels and a grid tie inverter.

If a breaker is rated at 20amp you can’t pull more than 20amps from that breaker at once, over time don’t matter.

So 6500watts is your maximum pull at a given time, you would use: Here is a calculator to calculate your kWh.

PS will have two AC units, but no kids or rock concerts. Thanks for visiting. I may be wrong though. 17.8% of time at on peak $153.80 Note: For a pure decimal result please select 'decimal' from the options above the result. Continue reading this information on how to calculate kWh to get the formula used to calculate your kWh usage. You can follow any responses to Formula for kWh Calculator through the RSS 2.0 feed. Then you add all the hours to get the total for the day. Also the Hubbell plug you can buy on amazon cheaper. You will also have the electricity cost per kWh listed on your electric bill so you know what each kWh is costing you.

Just reading the articles and questions, I learned quite a bit. Agradesere en el alma su valiosa publicacion I am currently in the restaurant business, and thanks to your site I figure I will look into getting a high end diesel electric generator, use my restaurants cooking grease (refine it) and use it to power up the warehouse. I’m sure there will be a slightly higher current draw on the primary side than the 1.91 amp as your transformer will not be 100% efficient.

Note: You can increase or decrease the accuracy of this answer by selecting the number of significant figures required from the options above the result. To do so that’s Amps x Volts = watts so is this 10 amps on 12vdc, 120vac, 220vac, 480vac? Thank you and God bless you. 3.if the generator uses 1 litre per hour how much would your cost be for 1 unit if it may on for 24hour ayear? Watts is  a measurement of how much electricity that electrical device uses constantly, where kilowatt hours is how many watts that electrical device has accumulated over time. Wow, 8.5KW?? I will soon be adding a few articles on wind and solar energy. Will it work if I record the total watts every minute. My power company will store unused energy generated by green energy and credit back to me when im not generating I use 3500 kWh of power a month if i have a 50kw generator run by water wheel how long will it have to run to get my monthly amount of energy.