As the weather gets pretty hot especially in the south, hitting the beach would be a nice way to cool off. This celebration marks lot of different parties, such as Labor Day picnics, Labor Day decor for the home, outdoor parties and BBQs in a Labor Day spirit. Low in carbs, fudgy, and super easy to make, these flourless low carb brownies literally melt in your mouth. With some good music, food, drinks and games. Press - USE OF AND/OR REGISTRATION ON ANY PORTION OF THIS SITE CONSTITUTES ACCEPTANCE OF Make it with combination of these three colors and you will not be mistaken. Super easy to make and absolutely delicious! Contact - Raise a glass this Labor Day to everyone at the party, as well as to … Cooking time: 0 min. To take this a step further you can even add some fruit slices into it to give the popsicle a pinch of extra flavor. Pool Party Movie Night: Who says that the party has to move inside once dusk sets in? With Labor Day right around the corner, I came up with some ideas to make this Labor Day a little bit more fun. These watermelon fries with cream cheese and marshmallow dip are a great and refreshing Summer snack! Scroll down to find the best Labor Day dessert recipes for pies, cobblers, ice creams, and cakes. Playing games is something that really brings family and friends together. You can play some outdoor games like football, baseball, corn hole or you can play some indoor games like UNO, Phase 10, Clue, Monopoly or Life.

All of these are good choices to spend some quality time with the people you care about. Loaded with juicy peaches and topped a crunchy streusel crumb topping - This crumble cake is the bomb!

Red, white, and blue layered Jello Shots will make your summer party.

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Hiking can turn into a day-long activity which can be enjoyed by yourself or with friends and family. You can make some popcorn, get snacks and watch a movie by yourself or with family.

Smooth and creamy, these strawberry cheesecake mousse cups are the ultimate dessert for a 4th of July dinner! Pizza + chocolate = the best of both worlds. Enjoy quick, easy fall comfort food at its best. Advertise - Have a cookout. So easy and delicious, you'll love this Spring dessert! Hosting a party at your home is a lot of work! The whole decorations are themed with red, white and blue color which reflect a patriotic spirit.

So there are a lot of different ways to decorate your home or celebration party for Labor Day. I’m sure it will be a day no one forgets! Another way to make it fun is to invite some friends over to grab a bite as everyone loves food. Nutrition & Medical disclaimer - 1. It’s a good way to be outdoors and get some fresh air. Did you make one of these Labor Day dessert recipes? Made with a golden, flaky crust and a sweet blueberry filling, this baked blueberry tart is sure to satisfy your sweet tooth! You can grill hot dogs, hamburgers, sausages or really anything you want on the grill. Red, White & Blue Jell-O Shots- Memorial Day, 4th Of July & Labor Day! 3 Ingredient Cream Cheese Fruit Dip.

Lightly sweet and super fluffy - A great way to get everyone to eat more fruit this season! A boldly colored, fresh-tasting, caffeine-free beverage that everyone can enjoy. It's sure to be love at first bite with this treat. If you’re feeling a little bit more in the mood, have friends over and enjoy a film together! What better way to bond as a family than with a relay race? Create an impressive dessert without ever turning on the oven. Safety first! I would love to live in New York one day You can get some friends together and have a fun gathering. But if you do this, remember to keep a six-feet distance and to wear a mask.

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Impress your guests with easy but creative … Just get a popsicle tray and fill it with your favorite drink and leave it in the freezer for a few hours. Your California Privacy Rights - Privacy Policy - Making popsicles can be a very refreshing activity on a hot summer day.


It could also be one of your last chances before fall starts rolling in. Please share on your social media using our hashtag #eatwell101! This post may contain affiliate links. Now I know watching movies may not be something you would consider when thinking of Labor Day, but hear me out. Tips & Tricks: How to Prevent and Reduce Maskne, Halloween-like Traditions Around The World, Halloween Childhood Movies Worth Rewatching, © 2020 • Privacy Policy • FLEX WordPress Theme by SNO • Log in. Netflix and Naps are my favorite pastime. During a hot summer day why not a pool party? Tailor your games … Terms of use - Need great Labor Day desserts that are easy but impressive? Brandt Solar, Staff Writer|September 1, 2020. If you’re not much of an outdoor person you can stay in and watch a movie. Enjoy! The Working-Man’s Holiday.