Abby sets Yara down on a couch and helps set her broken arm. As she approaches the door to the trailer, a shot rings out, and Lev warns her not to come any closer. You don't get to rush this.". The Last of Us Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. Before joining the Washington Liberation Front, he worked as a Firefly soldier at the Salt Lake City outpost commanded by Dr. Jerry Anderson. Hours later, when Abby returned with the supplies, she and Owen talked about how Yara and Lev remind them of how they were years ago.

The fighting stopped however, and the pair had sex. Mel, now visibly pregnant, joins them, and they pick up Alice from the kennel before heading out to the Forward Operating Base (FOB). The Last Of Us Part 2’s body model for Abby, Colleen Fotsch, has shared her diet as well as some workout tips. The Seraphite-controlled area left Owen concerned but Abby moved to go anyway. The Last of Us: Part II (Video Game 2020) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. Resides 3080 release time UK: When does the new Nvidia GeForce RTX graphics card come out? Lev says it simply was not allowed, and Abby thinks it is "punk rock" of him to do it anyway. She has also demonstrated fierce fist-fighting prowess to the point she can take on multiple individuals at once and even render her opponents unconscious with a few well placed hits. The Last of Us Part II playable characters.

Abby is skeptical of the rumors, but Owen is not dissuaded. Mel asks Abby who these kids are, and Abby explains that they saved her life, and asks Mel to help with Yara's injury. While gone, Mel arrived at the aquarium. Spotting a boat, the pair flee back to the aquarium in it.

Before joining the WLF, the two women were close since Abby's father had taught Mel on medical procedures. Lev however found a map their killer left behind, so the two embarked on a mission to find those responsible and avenge Owen and Mel's deaths. They take Yara into a veterinary exam room in the aquarium, and Mel assesses the damage to Yara's arm. Blue[2]

Mel (girlfriend) Abby (ex-girlfriend) Unborn child (with Mel) She says the bone has been shattered, and Yara is suffering from compartment syndrome. Abby Anderson Hair color The funny thing is, like many characters in The Last of Us Part 2, Abby is partially based on a real person. Abby is a hard sell, and that would be true no matter what she looked like. The area is thick with enemy patrols, and Abby is eventually captured and knocked unconscious by a group of Seraphites.

Owen tried to leave with Abby, much to Mel's displeasure.

Although, Abby did it to avoid fracturing Owen and Mel's relationship. The letter reveals that the children ran away to join the Seraphites and left their father for dead. Arriving at the base, Abby notices Mel sustained a cut to her back in the fight with the Seraphite patrol. Another instance of her psychological improvement is her display of guilt in how her selfish actions fractured her relationship with Mel. She tells him that Danny is dead, and asks Owen to explain what happened. To date, she is only known individual capable of doing so and surviving. Abby and Owen share a kiss before stopping short. Abby's full name, Abigail Anderson, is mentioned in a sign next to her room. Her muscles and beefed-up body …

When talking to Owen, Abby laments that she is no longer who she believed she was, believing her goodness has been lost, with Owen reflecting they had both "stopped looking for the light" after leaving the Fireflies. Appears in When Lev leads the way up a ladder to a higher floor, a Seraphite patrol spots them.

Upon finding Owen dead, Abby broke down in tears, devastated by the loss that she sought vengeance once again in Ellie. Later that evening, Abby brings her father food while he is arguing with Marlene over whether they should kill Ellie in order to potentially create cure for the Cordyceps Brain Infection. Abby is a hardened but emotionally conflicted young woman. Bigoted male gamers: Abby is unrealistic women can never look like that Me: May I present to you Colleen Fotsch whom Abby's body was based on. Owen reveals that he and Danny fought while clearing out a small Seraphite camp, when Owen found he could not bring himself to kill an old Seraphite man. With both Jerry and Marlene dead, the Fireflies, leaving Abby and her friends to head towards Seattle to join the Washington Liberation Front.

Manny checks in with his father, while Abby stops to talk with Jordan. Once Abby, Joel, and Tommy make it to the lodge, the rest of Abby's group secure the gates from the Infected. Laura Bailey plays and voices Abby in The Last Of Us Part 2. Weeks later, Abby is still haunted by nightmares about her father's death. Posts that feature Abby at all often break down into arguments as to whether or not she’s realistic, and whether or not a woman could actually look like that. Affiliation(s) Abby is hung by the neck, with a bucket for support so she will not suffocate before she can be disemboweled. Abby and Owen chat and banter, though not quite as easily as before. Marlene reluctantly approves the surgery and exits.

Deceased Outside, she finds two dead Seraphite soldiers. Mel announced that she was no longer friends with Abby, to which Abby remorsefully agreed. Later, he was on a mission with a WLF soldier named Danny.

When Abby returned with the teenagers, Owen held back their dog Alice from attacking Lev. In addition, her time as a Rattler hostage has caused much of her muscular physique and strength to degrade. Her arm will need to be amputated.

{{#media.focal_point}}, Before a post AM workout session she has a shake with 15g of protein and 30g of carbs, For breakfast she eats cinnamon oatmeal with blueberries, plus banana, almond butter, honey, and three slices of turkey bacon, She then has mango slices as a pre-workout snack, Although it’s not compulsory, she takes two immune tablets with water during each workout session, After her PM workout she has a shake which in the YouTube video is Ascent Native Fuel whey, but she claims to use Vitargo when needing more carbs, Her next meal then includes white rice, salmon, sriracha, romesco, and everything bagal seasoning, She then has another snack before dinner which is a burger with sweet potato, broccoli, avocado, and pickles, For dessert she has gluten free bread (toasted) with crunchy almond butter plus strawberry jelly. Suspecting Owen will hide out in the aquarium, Abby decides to go look for him despite Isaac's orders. She calls for Owen, but receives no response so decides to break in through a skylight. Years later, Abby returns to the aquarium in search of Owen. Abby reassures her father that if she was in the same place as Ellie, she would gladly undergo the surgery and to secure a cure.