Our Vietnamese rice bowls are served with crispy fried egg, pickled carrots, daikon and fresh herbs. Restaurant info. Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/madamephobelfast/, Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/madame_pho_belfast/, RECOMMENDED DISHES: Pho Tai, Banana Fritters. Our broth is simmered for 8 hours using only local beef brisket, beef bones and bone marrow with a secret combination of herbs and spices to create a rich and authentic flavour. No location selected. We serve healthy Vietnamese street food classics made fresh every day. But, when at its best, it is a mystical soup source of revitalization for the soul and body. This is a beef based Pho with thinly sliced rare steak that cooks in the hot broth. My one wish was that there were more of the Thai basil, mung bean sprouts, and coriander (cilantro), and lime on the side. I highly recommend starting with the Pho Tai (Steak) or Pho Gai (Chicken) or they have a vegan pho as well. The rice-based noodles were well-cooked and not mushy even after sitting in the broth for some time. If you’re not familiar with pho, in plainest terms, it’s noodle soup. curry dishes (ca ri) fresh noodle salad bowls (bun) our special vietnamese curry is a rich medium spiced curry with creamy coconut milk to give an authentic taste of vietnam. Lots of new folks here so thought I would introduc, Terrified to move onto stage 2 of this piece in ca. The idea for Madame Pho first came about when I returned to Northern Ireland last year after living in Asia for five years. Pho was one of my favourite dishes whilst living in Asia and I was surprised to see no Vietnamese food offerings over here. madame pho | vietnamese street food @madamephobelfast 028 9023 2823 @madame_pho_belfast www.madamephobelfast.com. Vivamus ligula dui, posuere id tempus non, efficitur in nulla. 0 View Basket 0. 16 0 obj <> endobj 40 0 obj <>/Filter/FlateDecode/ID[<1E31BA9EF97C4C638762280BA9CBAA95>]/Index[16 43]/Info 15 0 R/Length 107/Prev 60966/Root 17 0 R/Size 59/Type/XRef/W[1 2 1]>>stream h�b```�bV������ea�X�p:���,(�n�����ut�������b�b �H�؍ܮ�F�6�������^k�\��j��aR�+}[֨ЄX���pE�� ����0@/� :�r/T����8B�� n 7 endstream endobj 17 0 obj <>>> endobj 18 0 obj <. (served with steamed rice) chicken | £10.95 beef brisket | £10.95 king prawn | £12.95 madame pho … 4. The bananas were perfectly fried with a lightly sweet, crisp batter that wasn’t greasy at all. When your husband advises that he walked past a new pho restaurant on his way home from work, you stop your car, turn around, and venture back into the city to eat at said restaurant. Susu Beans: Spokescat on International Black Cat D. Just leaving this here for 6 months from now... We display international rates, but they may vary according to country, carrier, and destination location. X Dee, asian Belfast fresh healthy noodle soup pho recommendation restaurant review vietnamese, Trying Surströmming for the First, and Last, Time, Foodie Coloring Bundle // Digital Download, Teariffic Stationery Bundle // Digital Download, An experiment with espresso today. (Limited availability). Don’t get me wrong – I love a fatty ramen but there’s a time and place. u ( gio) r . ASAP.

No different from the other growing t. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. . You can choose from our signature Pho … It was perhaps less herbal or spiced than broths that I have had in the past, but very good. The portions are appropriate, there’s love and care in the dish that you can taste, and the atmosphere is casual but classy. Please add dee@quirkybutfierce.com to your email contacts. Start group order. Map, allergens and hygiene rating . Of course, you’ll jazz up your broth to your taste with Thai basil, coriander (cilantro), lime, hot peppers, Sriracha, and Hoisin – but if the base broth doesn’t widen your eyes and illuminate your soul, it’s not good pho to me. Madame Pho isn't currently accepting orders. 1. Thanks @edgexco. ASAP. Choose with one of our following toppings. I love an especially herby pho in which the flavours continue to meld and deepen as the herbs steep in the hot broth. While Madame Pho’s service was nowhere near as overfamiliar as that experienced in my American mid-west culture (which is actually the geogrphaical mid-west / middle America? Don’t miss out on a single laugh, doodle, or inspirational moment! And, they were asking their customers for feedback on the dishes which to me is a sign of a business that cares and is in tune with their audience. Our signature Pho takes centre stage, we start with our broth, which we simmer for 8 hours before adding a variety of fresh ingredients including beef, chicken, prawns, vegetables and fresh chilli.