MailChimp API Send Campaign Example, There are numerous vital elements to a strong, high-revenue campaign. Updating the customer’s opt_in_status from false to true will update the member’s subscription status to subscribed, however updating the opt_in_status from true to false will not change the subscription status. MethodNotAllowed: The requested method and resource are not compatible. GitHub is home to over 50 million developers working together to host and review code, manage projects, and build software together. An opt_in_status of true will result in a subscribed audience member; false will set the status to transactional. How Many Views Do You Need to Monetize a Blog? That’s a really average compensation / profit margin. For field-specific details, see field_warnings or field_errors objects. You can learn more about the other status fields here. Once you know what data you need, use our partial response capabilities to request only what is essential to you. You signed in with another tab or window. GET requests will never cause an update or change to your data because they're safe and idempotent. Note: You won’t need to worry too much about these implementation details if you’re using the official client libraries. In some places in the Marketing API, we need to deviate from traditional REST guidelines. Use the fields parameter to cut down on response size by limiting which fields the Marketing API returns. This means that you don't need to maintain a mapping from your contact to Mailchimp’s internal contact ID in your application’s data store, or make additional calls to the API to look up that mapping. Here’s a method to call an API, passing in a method name (e.g.
We use essential cookies to perform essential website functions, e.g. Refer to the API Reference for the specific response for each API call. Follow the below steps and get it. Other errors such as an invalid email address will have different names such as ValidationError. The Mailchimp Marketing API identifies an audience’s contacts by the MD5 hash of the lowercase version of their email address. If a customer’s email address is not already associated with an audience, it will be added with the subscription status determined by the opt_in_status parameter. This adds the customer as a transactional contact. Contact our support team if you need more help. If you need to contact support, this information can speed up the help process. For example, if your subscriber's link contains the mc_eid=18d3c1adfe tracking parameter, you can find that customer's email address by making a request to the GET /lists/list_id/members?unique_email_id=18d3c1adfe endpoint. This article demonstrates various ways to use the API with PHP. If you’re here, you’re almost definitely one such individual. We use optional third-party analytics cookies to understand how you use so we can build better products.

It will aid you to create beautiful and also professional-looking e-mails even if you’ve never ever created a marketing message beforehand. Disclosure: Some of the links in this post are affiliate links. Note: Bringing over historical purchase data and customers depends on how the platform itself stores data and can be done via batch operations. InvalidMethodOverride: You can only use the X-HTTP-Method-Override header with the POST method. Like most APIs, the Mailchimp Marketing API is not fully RESTful — but Mailchimp follows most of the practices and common definitions of the style. When you replace those values with actual data, your final URL should look something like this: In order to interact with the MailChimp API, you need to grab the API key and Audience ID.

Some endpoints in the Marketing API return values that are large and slow to calculate. Here’s the code that constructs the JSON request using Newtonsoft’s JSON.NET library: Now all we need to do is process the responses. Use the mc_eid value from the tracking URL to associate orders with a subscribed contact. If the email doesn’t exist in the mailing list, you will get a 404 Error: Resource Not Found.

Constant Contact is an affordable, easy-to-use automation device for all things email marketing. Upgrading from v1.x. Learn more. The root directory for the API includes a map of all available resources and their subresources: The part of the URL corresponds to the data center for your account. MailChimp API Send Campaign Example, OK, we’re not crazy. We use offset and count in the URL query string to paginate because it provides greater control over how you view your data. The Mailchimp account is deactivated. This can be a somewhat complicated challenge. Note: Cart data cannot be converted directly into an order — carts only exist in the e-commerce endpoint for the purpose of triggering abandoned cart automations, and are not used to create orders. If nothing happens, download the GitHub extension for Visual Studio and try again. You take action on resources using the standard HTTP methods: POST, GET, PATCH, and DELETE. If you receive a 4xx response, the error glossary below offers more context to help you troubleshoot. When you create or update a store in Mailchimp with the is_syncing parameter set to true, you will temporarily disable these automations from triggering off of any e-commerce data for that store. To make sure that your integration is as reliable as it can be, you should always watch for errors and exceptions. Setting an order’s fulfillment_status to shipped will trigger a shipping confirmation, notifying a customer that their order has been shipped. If your firewall rules do not support HTTP methods, like PATCH or DELETE, use the X-HTTP-Method-Override header. In Postman under the Authorization tab choose Basic Auth . folder, and each of those folders will have a file describing what the requirements are for the examples. There is also an error field containing a helpful message. Put it all together and the content of the lib/api/public.js should be: lib/api/public.js When you reach the connection limit, we’ll throttle server response. It’s often associated with misconfigured libraries. You can also see data from orders with a campaign_id in any Campaign Report. Just How Much Can I Earn From Email Marketing? The email content must oblige the reader to see your site. This will prevent your application from bumping up against the throttling limitations — 10 concurrent connections at a time — and will likely provide faster access to that data. Orders require a processed_at_foreign time stamp. You can authenticate requests using either your API key or an OAuth access token. To retrieve the following ten results, the offset should be 10 and the count should remain 10.) Your marketing e-mails need to target the appropriate target market, communicate the ideal message, and also send the most determined buyers to the right place to buy from you. Product Variants require the inventory_quantity parameter. 5xx errors suggest a problem on Mailchimp's end, so if you receive a 5xx error, we recommend checking @MailchimpStatus on Twitter to see if we are experiencing any system-wide issues. For example, if the data center for your account is us6, all API endpoints for your account are available at Sending a value of true adds them as a subscriber and opts them into marketing emails. To learn more, check out the Authentication section. But this is a great issue to have, and you can always start with just the basics and also work your way up to more advanced functions later. You can set it to false, but remember MailChimp are not likely to be pleased if you use this capability to add people who haven’t yet confirmed their email addresses via double opt-in. Now the URL should look like this:

See the Allow header for this resource's available methods. If not included, offset defaults to 0. The MailChimp API actually is very comprehensive, and it looks like you can do pretty much everything they offer using it. You can learn more about Mailchimp and API key security by viewing their guide. High network latency, high server load, saturation, or blockages on your remote server can lead to connectivity timeouts. If you provide multiple filters, we only return resources that match all filters. To pause an Automation workflow, for example, you make a POST request to /automations/{workflow_id}/emails/{id}/actions/pause. This error is returned when you try to access an action that doesn’t exist. This article demonstrates various ways to use the API with PHP. Your request body should look like this: Don’t forget to add the authorization information like we did in the base URL example. Check that your API key was input correctly, and verify which data center to access. ", Access Data on Behalf of Other Users with OAuth 2, Run Requests Asynchronously with the Batch Endpoint, Track Outside Activity with the Events Endpoint, Change Sending Behavior with the Rules Engine, Manage Email Across Different Users with Subaccounts, Track and Respond to Email Activity with Webhooks. MailChimp API Send Campaign Example. If you would like to use WordPress example, please scroll down a little, if you connect to MailChimp API via cURL, then copy this function and insert it somewhere in your website files. If you’re requesting a particularly large set of data, pagination can help cut down on request times. To do this, we’ll make a POST request to the URL. The goal is to get you up and writing code as quickly as possible. If you ever need to access someone else’s Mailchimp account’s data, you should be using OAuth 2. We expose API errors in two ways: standard HTTP response codes and human-readable messages in JSON format. A product represents an item for sale in a store. Work fast with our official CLI. they're used to gather information about the pages you visit and how many clicks you need to accomplish a task. Contact the Marketing API support team at if you think this is the case. It will be something like “us3”. See the Allow header for this resource's available methods. You can also find answers to frequently asked questions on Stack Overflow, or add a new post to ask for help from the engineering community. Each store must be tied to a Mailchimp audience (which uses the list endpoint), but a single audience can support multiple stores. When a customer clicks on a recommended product, that link will include mc_tc=prec in the URL. See Manage User Levels in Your Account to learn more about user-level permissions. Your API key is used where you would normally include your password in an HTTP basic auth request: after the colon. If you contact support, we recommend including the complete request you are trying to make and the error code and response you are receiving so they can help as quickly as possible. download the GitHub extension for Visual Studio, Basic Ruby and HTTParty implementation of the account details file. There are also three different path parameters that you need to replace with real values from your Mailchimp account: list_id, email_id, and id. You can learn more about Mailchimp and API key security by viewing their guide. Note that DELETE requests return only headers without a JSON body. We’re meaning fractions of pennies per customer. This can be done using a PATCH request to the lists/{list_id}/members/{subscriber_hash} endpoint. When you send a campaign with e-commerce tracking enabled, any links in that campaign’s emails will contain additional tracking parameters that can be used with the e-commerce API. View activity associated with a single email, or analyze trends across sends. For example, the Marketing API has what we call “resources,” which are typically nouns like “subscribers” or “campaigns.” We recommend bringing at least 6 months of purchase/subscriber data over. For this example, we’ll be calling the lists/subscribe API, allowing us to programmatically add a new subscriber to our mailing list. The parameters fields and exclude_fields are mutually exclusive and will throw an error if a field isn't valid in your request.