But I can only spell it phonetically. "It would have been more therapeutic if you had killed him.". Margot sodomizes Mason with a cattle prod, causing him to ejaculate and provide her with sperm to make a baby, and then kills him by shoving his pet Moray eel down his throat. That’s where the whole “taking the chocolate” thing comes from, as well as the games he played with Margot when she was little.

trying to figure out which option to go with for the novel The Namesake???? "Su-zakana" is the eighth episode of Season 2, and overall twenty-first produced hour of Hannibal.

Hannibal turns from the sheep he is petting. Mason invites Lecter to his pied a tierre for their first session. Furthermore, the incestuous sex abuse angle is largely discarded, as Fuller worried that the book’s approach could be construed as supporting the incorrect view that homosexuality can come about as a result of being sexually abused. "You might want to crawl back in there if you know what's good for you." Get answers by asking now. Fuller initially conceptualized the bird as being dead when Peter placed it inside Sarah Graber, with a literal resurrection occurring when it flew out of her chest.

Mason Verger is the main antagonist of the film Hannibal. Enjoy Free Shipping at $99. Update 2: ... Mason was a paedophile and the chocolate reference was used to imply that he had children perform fellatio on him. Watching from behind a one-way mirror, Will becomes convinced Clark is a psychopath; but the FBI has nothing to hold him on, so Jack orders the man released. Peter Bernardone is named after St. Francis of Assisi, patron saint of animals in the Catholic religion (full name Giovanni di Pietro di Bernardone). Zebra- OMG, that stingy b@stard! Then he takes the gun away. The latest Tweets from Mason Verger (@M2766V). He ultimately realized that this would have broken the show’s delicate balance between stylized realism and flirtation with the supernatural.

Mason once again complies, and Lecter feeds the pieces of Mason's face to his dogs; under Lecter's orders, Mason also eats his own nose. He becomes a hermit, rarely leaving his estate, Muskrat Farms, and has only his physician (and fellow sex offender) Cordell Doemling and Margot, who works as his bodyguard, for company. You should have taken the chocolate, Margot Hannibal is impressed and proud that for all his work to shape him, for all the seeds he has planted in the profiler's brain, Will's actions are ultimately directed by a violent unpredictability.