Any way you could share your templates for your Stae (CA), U.S., and North America maps? Would also love a copy of your templates!! Thanks! I will absolutely use it next year! It is critical for any Social Studies student (or student in general) to have a basic understanding of geography. Relentlessly Fun, Deceptively Educational. Your email address will not be published.

Thanks for sharing! Can I get a copy of your templates??? Enjoy! This activity is so cool! Write Handed Teacher.

It either does nothing or shows a retangular blue message box that says “this website cannot be reached.”, Hi Kelly, 9 years ago Kinder Bears. Thanks, Jill Russell, I teach 4th grade and we are studying California and locating California's global address. I will absolutely use it next year! Thanks for sharing! Fridays: Make sure you join each Friday to see what activities, supplies & other things you will need to plan your themed week at home. I am pretty excited to share with you something I have been working on all summer! Our State {I gave them pictures of the state flower and bird so they could draw one}, Our Planet {The templates were copied so the kids just cut and pasted.}. Reply Delete. Our reader has a story with that name. We stacked the circles on top of each other and aligned them at the top so that we could easily punch a hole through all eight parts at the same time. Jenn--LOVE this and cannot wait to do it tomorrow w/ my kiddos. Then I explained that we were going to find out where WE were on the map! Hi, I am trying to download the “Me on the Map” templates and after filling out the email & name box nothing is happening. This post contains Amazon affiliate links.

Required fields are marked *. Explore classroom activities, puzzles, teacher resources and enrichment pdfs for this book. Thank you for sharing this project, it is a must do with my son. I did this activity with my kiddos yesterday. TerryCumberland School. And a literature activity that coincides with both the Chicks’ Pick book and weekly theme.

Thanks for the great idea! LOVE this idea! how can I adapt this for my fifth graders? What a super visual. Thanks for sharing!, Would love the templates! Oooh I like it! Thanks!, Can I get the templates as well?

Thanks for the idea!

What did you use to trace the circles?

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I referred folks over here after writing about using Me on the Map as a Mentor Text for Writing. After cutting out each circle, we worked together to label the parts. Old Valentine Activity - Newly Updated!!!, We're attempting this in our kindergarten/1st grade charter class. I am using this idea for a socials studies learning center for my grad program! I too am in the Bay Area & would LOVE a copy of your maps and/or templates! Tuesday:  We will be sharing the best Children’s Books! Definitely saving for next year. This one is cute! Thanks for always sharing your fun ideas! I am in Sunnyvale, and would love a copy of your templates.

Oct 2, 2016 - Ideas for teaching Map Skills to Elementary Students including Me on the Map flip books, nesting circles, and more. How long does it take to tackle classroom management? Awesome! Doing so will not only provide general geography …

But, thankfully, this simple me on the map craftivity is coming to the rescue!

Thank you so much for sharing it :).

We’ve got a great round up for you! I know if I do it by hand how it would turn out. Wednesday, Thursday & Friday:  We will be sharing posts from our favorite bloggers! Our 2016 Mother Hen Summer Survival Guide Themes: Be sure to follow along this summer! This distance learning packet now includes printable and digital mapping skills activities based on the book Me on the Map by Joan Sweeney. I think it will help the kiddos remember more since it is so visual! Perfect for my second graders! I have a quick tip for you today.