He has a muscular body build but he looks lean because of his height. However, even though he was attracting thousands of viewers, he wasn’t monetizing any of the content. OMEGALUL. He has a house in Compton, California. Mizkif is suffering from a heart disease called myocarditis. Besides, he also accepts sponsorship deals to make some extra money. The emerging Twitch star, Mizkif has already crossed his 20s as he is now 25 years old as of 2020. He suffers from a heart condition called viral myocarditis. He made friends with other bigger content creators and convinced them to try watching his content. Mizkif bio, including Mizkif's real name, age, Twitch stats, gaming setup and streaming gear.

After a series of tests, the doctors discovered that he has a virus in his heart that could attack him at any moment. He is in a long-term relationship with @MayaHiga. His real name is Matthew Rinaudo. Twitch Star #37.

When it comes to food, he does not care if it’s healthy or not, as long as it’s tasty. Matthew’s video in Twitch crosses 10 thousand views on average.

Matthew also makes money through affiliate marketing on his social handles. His full birth date is February 14, 1995, because of which his birthday celebrations take place on Valentine’s Day. He hadn't enjoyed it, so he left to return to living with his parents, who had now moved to Florida. Mizkif is now a very skillful player and is renowned for his gaming abilities. 465,870 views - Wed, Jul 1 at 0:34. follow @monkyape on twitter. Evrythime you try to put up a video - copy-strike. According to his channel's overlay, Mizkif has around 8,450 subscribers, which should minimally earn him at least $29,575 USD per month, excluding additional income from tiered subscriptions, tips, Twitch cheer bit donations, sponsorships, merchandise sales and advertisements. She was romantically linked with Connor Keating in the past. He had originally planned on returned to his previous employee, but decided to attempt pursuing his childhood dream of content creation instead. Mizkif was born Matthew Rinaudo to a financially struggling family in the United States. Gamer and live streamer on Twitch who is known by the username Mizkif. Mizkif, with the real name as Matthew Rinaudo, is a Twitch streamer who loves to play as well as stream video games. He has not disclosed his parents’ name but we know that he had a stormy childhood. His girlfriend Maya Higa flew to New Jersey to be by his side when he was admitted to the hospital. No, Mizkif and his ex-girlfriend, Maya have broken up lately. Matthew became Mizfik as soon as he entered the streaming field. The games like ‘World of Warcraft Classic’ and ‘Minecraft’ are his favorite games. So, he decided not to postpone college for a while as he figured things out. He experienced some health problems in 2017 that caused him to take a break from streaming. This caused his channel to really begin to grow and for him to begin streaming fulltime.

He therefore decided to stick to chatting and variety streams until e found something that his viewers would really enjoy watching. The twitch star has not shared other details about his family. The net worth of Mizkif is $1 million as of 2020.

Popularity . Because of poverty, his sister had to join the adult film industry and earn her living.

However, it took a while for his channel to grow, as although he had 300 viewers during his first livestream, this number dropped drastically when they realized that he was streaming World of Warcraft, as it wasn't popular at the time. He therefore started creating funny 'story of' YouTube videos about various streamers in January 2016. His stream is not appropriate for children.

In his latest video, he did a house tour upon the request of his fans. He often streams the videos of himself playing these games. He has accrued more than 650,000 followers to his account. Likewise, his body weight is 70 kg. His sister is a YouTuber. This inspired him to transition to Twitch, as he saw the potential for him to make a living as a full-time streamer. Martell Holt is a real estate entrepreneur who became prominent after appearing on the OWN's network reality show, Love & Marriage: Huntsville.... Quarterjade Age, Real Name, Height, Boyfriend, Bio, Kaceytron Age, Net Worth, Height, Wiki, Bio, Birthday, Troydan Age, Real Name, Wiki, Net Worth, Height, Bio, AngelSkimi Age, Height, Real Name, Bf, No Makeup, Bio, Martell Holt Age, Height, Wife, Family, Net Worth, Bio. He is growing day by day as his popularity is increasing dramatically. About. Nothing more is known about his childhood, although it is rumored he may have had a gang affiliation in his youth. His 20 million views on YouTube earned him about $40,000 in revenue. Why Mizkif is so popular among his fans? Matthew has mentioned that suffering from ADHD affected his relationship a lot.

Age 25 years old. He has also joined YouTube where he has 210 thousand subscribers. Mizkif had always wanted to find a medium to make people laugh, and he had dreamed of doing it through social media while he was growing up. It’s because of his handsome looks and appealing video content. On this channel, there's like 3 billion views, I've maybe mad $300 USD. It is a miserable, miserable life. As he was recovering in the hospital, he reevaluated his current life course and decided that it wasn't worth putting his dreams on hold. He has been in a relationship with Maya Higa. Matthew earned most of his wealth from streaming on Twitch and ads on YouTube. According to Mathew’s twitch profile, he is 25 years of age as of 2020. Mizkif - Just Chatting. Every time you try to do something, somebody's copy-striking you. Gamer and live streamer on Twitch who is known by the username Mizkif. When he had recovered, he returned to streaming. His major source of income is the profit generated by his videos on YouTube and Twitch. Mizkif – Net Worth. His viewer count went up drastically within a short time and he was so successful that his channel took off within the first few months. 583,906 views - Wed, May 8 at 4:59. He was a noob player when he had just started his streaming career. For some reason, the Twitch community really took to it and his channel quickly started to grow. As a Aquarius, Mizkif is very thoughtful and gentle.

In July of 2019, he revealed that he checked into a mental hospital following a high heart rate and a panic attack.

The name of Mizkif’s sister is Emily Rinaudo. Matthew grew up poor, and this was exasperated by the fact that he required medication for his ADHD. And according to the zodiac calendar, he is Aquarius. But, both the streamers ended things in a mature way and they still are good friends. Moreover, Mizkif has not removed their videos which they made together yet. His sister Emily Rinaudo is also a social media star. In January 2020, he said on a stream: His full birth date is February 14, 1995, because of which his birthday celebrations take place on Valentine’s Day. However, he was only able to really focus on his stream in early-2018 when he started creating his ‘Who is - ?’ joke streamer biographic video series.