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ߎ 89 0 obj<>stream As with any organization, the real estate industry often relies on abbreviations and acronyms to describe a service, association or designation.

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Real Estate By the Letters. Real estate abbreviations save space, which is great considering that you are usually working with a pretty strict character count. <]>> xref ... MLS Multiple Listing Service (a certification mark owned by the Canadian Real Estate Association) MLS.ca Multiple listing service – public website (CREA) MLS Abbreviations. MLS — Multiple Listing Service, Canada mlti — Multi-Level mod — Modern mrsh — Marsh ms — Measured msn — Masonry mstr — Master Bedroom mt — Maintenance mt — Mountain mtg — Mortgage mtn — Mountain multi — 3+ Car Garage mwv — Microwave N lease — Net Lease n/s — No Smoking n/s — Non-Smoker nat gas ht — Natural Gas Heat nbd — Neighborhood Definition: Accredited Auctioneer, Real Estate Abbreviations and Acronyms: Real Estate, Multiple Listing Service (MLS), and Classified Ads [S�ry��GݧO�F����m!˱���P8��P�=������Q}�pq� 5l����n�/h��(�}C���ض�%6���*���F�x�� ڵSaU0�mY|���PBa�ZF���"�VBn� �y?XoVwD��O5c�8�Mͨ��?_,*f���%��Ijr�F�/J��'����]\����ؖ&hy��S��m`�}�����j�X��Y:�Z�7��Z�}k��/s���#�H��.�b��顂����h3v��!&_�&x��4�>nb[�Or�Q?S��(��9ZF{�"k\;�M��*\A�n��� �U��I����c %%EOF ��J "D�]Ŏ���@��0��pI�^��a`� x�b```f``������j��ǀ |@1V �h *`d`d`�}%��K����'�� 0000011691 00000 n

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CERAMSM = ceramic tile; RESILSM = linoleum or vinyl flooring; W/WSM = wall to wall carpet; HARDWDSM = hardwood floors; WOODSM = … The terms defined here pertain specifically to the Multiple Listing Service of Northern Illinois and the Realtor® Association of Northwest Chicagoland.

0000005303 00000 n startxref The Areas shown are limited to Lake and McHenry Counties. 0000003005 00000 n When dealing with real estate, you might also need to know things like the abbreviations for all 50 states or even common measurement abbreviations.

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r����������$�\��Y���_�ļz:�����6��. ARV: after-repair value CAP: capitalization CMA: comparative market analysis COCR/CCR/CoC: cash-on-cash return COF: cost of funds COO/C of O: certificate of occupancy CRE: commercial real estate DSCR/DCR/DSR: debt service coverage ratio FMR: fair market rent FMV: fair market value FSBO: for sale by owner GRM: gross rent multiplier HML: hard money lender HOA: homeowners association HUD: Fede… Browse and search thousands of Real Estate Abbreviations and acronyms in our comprehensive reference resource. trailer 0 76 14