© 2020 Nina Designs, Ltd. All Rights Reserved, Sterling Silver Open Mandala Pendant with Ohm 13x6mm, Small Sterling Silver Lotus Charm with Om - Openwork 24x17mm, Gold Charm -Openwork Lotus with Om in 24K Gold Plate 24x17mm, Rose Gold Charm - Tiny Om with 18K Rose Gold Plate 13x7mm, Gold Charm - Tiny Om with 24K Gold Plate 13x7mm, Gold Charms - Openwork Om with 24K Gold Plate 21x15mm, Sterling Silver Lotus Charm with Om Center 21x18mm, Lotus Jewelry Charm with Om Center - Bronze 21x18mm. See the difference? For example, do you want money because you’d like to travel more often, or pay for your children’s tuition? Therefore, Om symbolizes the divine, truth, cosmic principles, universe, knowledge, wisdom, spirit, energy, etc. In our times, this sacred incantation is also made during meditation and spiritual activities such as yoga. Buddhists say that our sense of self is nothing but a mere illusion. You can also connect with the Universe by not trying to fight it, which is at the core of religion of Taoism (see this and this). Nowadays, most people are aware that matter isn’t created nor destroyed but only transformed. The first representation of this symbol can be found in the “Upanishads” which are ancient Hindu texts that are part of the “Vedas”.

The sound Om (or Aum) contains 3 sounds: A-U-M. A few examples would be the three worlds (the Earth, the Atmosphere and Heaven) and the three qualities of matter (goodness, passion and darkness). The three worlds, all living beings and ourselves are all part of Brahman. The Om symbol has also everything to do with selflessness, on which I’ll write in a future article. The Waking State:  The lower large curve represents the waking state of consciousness, it connects us to our own sense of something greater and is the state of consciousness most humans are in. We are, in every way, connected to Brahman and the Universe. The Ohm pieces at Nina Designs can be a great support for those on a spiritual path, moving from the unconsciousness to pure consciousness, reminding us to breathe deeply. Our feces and rotting corpses fertilize the soil and are used by plants and fungus to build structures of their own that will then be eaten by animals, and so the cycle begins once more. It signifies the essence of the ultimate reality, consciousness or Atman. It is a popular mantra used for meditation in Hinduism and Buddhism. The symbol of Ohm consists of 5 parts: 3 curves, 1 semicircle, and 1 dot.

Ohm is considered the most sacred and famous mantra. So we are, basically, made of star dust. We are physically the Universe and our actions influence it directly. This idea that our souls are connected to the Universe has become somewhat popular. This is also what Om represents, as understanding that you are part of a great scheme of things removes a lot of pressure. We, humans, are made of the organic material that we eat. The views on Atman vary wildly between the three religions, as Hindus and Jains view it as somethings that leaves the body when you die to reach another one according to your karma. Needless to say that she, indeed, always seems sad and miserable. Om is vague and nebulous and can mean almost anything and is based around the rule of threes.

It's meant to be spoken at the beginning and end of prayers, meditations, and chants in order to clear away spiritual obstacles and to reaffirm the intentions of the rite once it's over. It symbolizes the whole Universe and is often used at the beginning of prayers and mantras in the Indian religions of Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism . This connection is described in many religions and isn’t strictly linked to Hinduism and can be related to modern physics, making it  physical as well as spiritual. It’s not the way it works.

Although it is commonly associated with Hinduism, Yoga or some New-Age ideas nowadays, the Om symbol has a way deeper spiritual meaning than what you might think. Basically, what you do doesn’t matter as long as you believe it to be the right thing and you do it in a selfless way. Brahman, in Indian religions, is the ultimate reality.

The Dream State: The Middle curve which lies between the first two curves, represents the dream state. Ohm is believed to have the same frequency as the Universe. Wanting things to feel worthy will make you miserable because these things will never satisfy you. Wholesale Only. Here how. It is further believed that the Universe, the Gods, and all matter come from the sound Ohm. I will definitely start with styles A646, A910, A1190 and see where the inspiration carries me off to.

If you want to learn more about Buddhism, read my article on the subject. Illusion/Maya State: The Semicircle that separates the dot from the 3 other curves, represents “Maya” or the Illusions that prevent us from realizing or reaching the highest state of consciousness. Working at Nina Designs, I see the Ohm symbol regularly as it is offered in many different styles and finishes. The Spiritual Meaning of the Om Symbol – It’s More Than You Think, 7 Ways to Meet Your Spirit Guides – All About Spirit Guides Part 2, A Beltane Tale to Celebrate With the Fae – Learn Shamanic Journeying, Litha Ritual : Drawing Down the Sun on the Summer Solstice, Mabon Solitary Ritual: Celebrate the Fall Equinox, Five basic things you MUST understand to live a fulfilling spiritual life.

In these religions, it is believed that God created sound first and therefore Ohm is the seed sound of all creation.

Don’t confuse it with Brahma though, who’s a Hindu god who’s also part of Bra… You can’t expect to change things drastically by merely doing a simple ritual. Finally, I’ll give some perspective on selflessness and the spiritual meaning of Om. The three worlds, all living beings and ourselves are all part of Brahman. The only way for you to be satisfied is to let go of your ego.

Brahman could be seen as the ensemble that contains all outcomes that have ever happened or will happen in the future. When we’ll die, our body will be used by some other living being. More broadly, it is a syllable that is chanted either independently or before a spiritual recitation in Hinduism, Buddhism, and Jainism. We are open and shipping orders, however please be patient and expect shipping delays. In these religions, it is believed that God created sound first and therefore Ohm is the seed sound of all creation. Ohm is one of the most important symbols in Hinduism. She never understood that her ego, and it does include her emotions, is what keeps her from living a truly fulfilling spiritual life. Following that train of thought, the Om symbol could thus represent both the Goddess and your connection to her, which is a good thing to know when your ritual involves connecting with the Goddess. It refers to Atman and Brahman.

All life is connected, and here’s another interesting fact: all the organic matter that is found on earth was once part of one or many stars. Then, I’ll explain why Om can relate to some concepts in physics such as the “butterfly effect” and chaos theory. She refuses any criticism, believing that if any information makes her feel bad, it is to be rejected immediately. Original Sterling Silver Designs Since 1983 Of course, one cannot think about the number 3 without thinking about the Christian concept of the holy trinity. Buddhists believe in the concept of “anatman”, or “no-self”, which means that you are not your body and emotions (or any of the five aggregates of Buddhism, which are matter, sensations, perceptions, mental formations and awareness). Do you see where I’m going? The first sound of the Universe. info), IAST:Oṃ, ॐ) is a sacred sound and a spiritual symbol in Indian religions. Atman, for its part, is the Indian concept of the soul and also represent our ego.

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This is also referred to as “The Absolute State” or “Turiya.” It is a peaceful, quiet state where the consciousness is focused neither inward nor outward. Random things are nothing but the result of the outcome of just so many things. Also, the om Symbol Meaning symbolizes the soul or self within in Hinduism. As a matter of fact, the concepts of Brahman and Atman are very central to these texts, even more than the gods, so one could argue that Hinduism isn’t polytheistic as the gods are just mere representations of some elements of Brahman, as I’ve written in my previous article on Chakras. In that case, it doesn’t matter. Explaining selflessness, one of the principal virtues of Buddhism and Taoism, will be a piece of cake after that last part. After admiring so many Ohm pieces, I started to wonder what does the Ohm sound mean and is there any significance to the Ohm symbol. That’s why it is so often used at the beginning of prayers.

Wiccans usually just call it the “Universe” or link it with the Goddess, while Christians and Muslims might call it God.

Javascript seems to be disabled in your browser.You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. It is part of the iconography found in ancient and medieval era manuscripts, temples, monast… As I’ve mentioned earlier, the Om symbol is sacred because it is associated with the concepts of Brahman and Atman in Buddhism, Hinduism and Jainism.

I have chanted Ohm as part of yoga and meditation classes and was familiar with the sound Ohm. As I’ve mentioned earlier, the Om symbol is sacred because it is associated with the concepts of Brahman and Atman in Buddhism, Hinduism and Jainism. Understanding that your ego is the enemy is an important step in your spiritual practice. All designs © Nina Designs Ltd. All rights reserved. This sound was Om. It is the past, the present and the future. I will talk more about selflessness later, as it was a true revolution for me when I understood this concept at last. After many lives, you might achieve enlightenment. Therefore, Ohm encompasses everything: the beginning, the middle and the end of all. I will not tell her name, but I know a woman, for example, who tries to show herself as spiritual only to spit on other people for not being as spiritual as she is. This fact alone links it with the number three, and just like Christianity, Hinduism has a lot of triad concepts in it.

I am so excited to start making Ohm jewelry now that I have a better understanding of what Ohm means and symbolizes!

Here’s an interesting fact about Om and Brahman: the both can also relate to modern physics and chemistry.

The Unconscious State:  The upper curve represents the state of deep sleep or the unconscious.