Zolotkov agrees that there has been some progress. It eventually reached Lake Pyasino and the linked rivers, making its way into the Arctic Ocean. We have a vision to: For these reasons, you should join our team and help uphold our commitment to making lives better. These posting are available for qualified candidates who are not current employed by Peoples. The number of ways to defend the indigenous people rights in Russia is reducing day by day, as the state together with industrial companies try to impose more control on people lives.

Any applicant requiring assistance with our online application process or who needs an accommodation for the application process due to a disability should contact 412.208.7050 or HRHelp@peoples-gas.com. Error! Are you an external candidate who would like to explore open job positions with Peoples? Instead, leave the house or building right away. More than 70 indigenous, clean energy, climate, and mining justice organisations around the world support their plea, which in turn leads to the hope that this campaign could set a precedent.

Most of Norilsk Nickel's workers have roots somewhere else in Russia, so they can say: ‘Let locals deal with it’ – and move elsewhere. Read more: Pipeline problems for indigenous peoples on Russia's Yamal peninsula. At this time, we do not anticipate any disruptions or impact to our services as a result of the outbreak. We're always thrilled to see all of our employees enjoying the day with family and friends.

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It is also important, but not the same”. In this case, by organising international media campaigns”, Berezhkov, who is based in Tromsø, Norway, told GV in a phone interview. That’s why we are trying to be inventive and find new ways to defend our rights. Peoples e-Account provides all of your account information at your fingertips 24/7. All in all, it contaminated at least 140 square miles across the Russian Arctic.

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Theoretically, indigenous people could defend their rights with the help of international organisations, appealing to international law and calling for United Nations resolutions first. The entered Username does not meet the minimum requirements. Special Landscape Area means an area of the landscape dedicated solely to edible plants and areas irrigated with recycled water, water features using recycled water. Our preparedness efforts include providing ongoing guidance and resources to our employees to mitigate the spread of acute respiratory illness, lessen the potential impact of COVID-19 in our facilities and maintain business operations.

However, we have no choice but to fight because we simply have nowhere to go. Their campaign consists not only of the customary open letters, but also online flash mobs on social media: indigenous people share their own photos where they, in traditional clothes, hold posters with hashtags ‘#AnswerUsElonMusk’, ‘#NoNickelfromNornickel, and #DefendIndigenousArctic. The toxic gases and heavy metal particles had also contaminated the air, she added. The company's operations focus on two areas, both in the Russian Arctic: the Taymyr Peninsula, through its main plant in the nearby city of Norilsk, and the Murmansk region (or more specifically, the Kola Peninsula) on the very western border of Russia, where three smaller plants are located in the towns of Nickel, Monchegorsk and Zapolyarny.

Meanwhile, on September 26 Vladimir Potanin gave an interview to the Vesti news programme to clear his company's name. Because Peoples is more than your average natural gas utility. Please enter a valid Username. If you smell gas, do not attempt to locate the leak. Please enter all the mandatory information. A recent research paper in dendroclimatology showed serious consequences of NorNickel's pollution for boreal forests, as well as for the climate in general. He complained that the record $2.1 billion fine imposed on the company by Rosprirodnadzor, Russia's environmental watchdog, was too high. For the past three months, they have been holding a media campaign trying to draw attention to the company's environmental practices and lack of compliance with international law. Gennady Shchukin is a veteran Dolgan activist who has attempted to draw attention to environmental disaster and the violation of indigenous people’s rights for many years. The company, also known as NorNickel, was established in the 1930s by the Soviet state as one of its great ‘tundra conquering’ projects. That same day Elena Penzina, a Deputy of the Legislative Assembly of Krasnoyarsk Region, wrote on her personal Telegram channel that the level of concentration of pollutants in the water indicate that NorNickel had been contaminating the lake for many years. According to NorNickel's May 2020 report, the company officially promised to close its melting workshop in Nickel by December 25, 2020. These postings are available only for active employees of Peoples. We maintain a set of four core values that help to guide our company: Safety, Customer Commitment, Trust, and Community. “We consider environmental well-being as a part of indigenous people rights. Essential provides water, wastewater and natural gas services in 10 states. On May 29, NorNickel made headlines for causing one of the worst environmental disasters in the Rusian Arctic. The last international scandal happened in January 2019, when a cloud of sulphur dioxide drifted over the border and forced the Norwegian municipal authorities to trigger a health-warning alarm.
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We have no voice on any environmental programme in the region, and even the idea of our representatives being experts on the commission is nonexistent.

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However, the expertise they were providing was ethnological, not ecological one. Electric Vehicle is propelled by electric motors, using electrical energy stored in rechargeable batteries. Click here to access our external career portal. Furthermore, the indigenous rights organisation Cultural Survival is gathering signatures for an open letter to be delivered to Tesla’s offices in Palo Alto, California. In 2016, the movement tried bringing the issue of NorNickel pollution to the attention of the main nickel buyers: Apple and Tesla. “In the last decade”, says Shchukin, “there was no significant activity in cleaning of refuse deposits, adding purification plants or filters, and we cannot control any changes. When you are in a safe place, call the Peoples emergency hotline. Ecological concerns have also been raised in Murmansk region for many years. Musk, the CEO of US electric vehicle and clean energy company Tesla, addressed the world mining industry this July, saying: “Tesla will give you a giant contract, for a long period of time, if you mine nickel efficiently and in an environmentally sensitive way.” Indigenous peoples of the Russian North raised the alarm, stressing that the country's nickel plants are not environmentally sustainable and are damaging the fragile Arctic environment.

The spill brought an unusual level of public attention to NorNickel: On June 4, Russian President Vladimir Putin declared a state of emergency and personally criticised Potanin on television.

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But we live here, so we need to take action”.

The campaign is also supported by the Sámi people, who live in the Murmansk region where NorNickel operates its western division.