1/2/18 – Customer disconnected service effective 1/3/18, and we issued a check occupant Letter because the customer stated the property was vacant, and then mentioned a tenant.

Budget billing is a service that eliminates seasonal ups and downs in your bill by charging you a fixed monthly cost based on your 12-month average of energy use.

We requested full overdue because this was the second time service was terminated for non-payment. The 8/22/date the customer is rejecting is the due date for the final bill. Thank for all you help A payment returned for insufficient funds can be re-presented to your Bank to collect on the payment, which is what occurred. The customer paid this amount on 07/08/16 and service was restored that same day. Your account is reviewed every three months to even out any over- or under-collection. On 5/20/15, the customer paid $ That left $25 due for the initial payment, and then the customer had another $152 due 08/10/16.The customer contacted us again on 08/23/16 and could not agree to our payment arrangement terms of $177 by 08/29/16, then the current bill plus $35 per month. The 12th bill settles your Budget Billing year. give us a reason why you are rejecting the responseIf no reason is received your complaint will be closed Administratively Resolved] On 6/15/15, the customer utilized the self-service option to indicate there was a medical condition in the home and also agreed to a payment plan of $due on 6/24/followed by the current bill each month plus $ The customer contacted us on 06/20/16, while the power was still on,  and set up a payment arrangement through our automated system to pay $233 on 06/20/16 to stop termination. Items that are included in the Budget Billing Plan If you’d like to enroll in budget billing, you can do so on our website (you’ll need an online account with us) or by calling the number above. Because it is inaccurate I called Ppl on 10/6/and spoke to DaveI am still awaiting resolution. Regards, the time was $1007.84The customer paid $135 which posted on 04/11/16. each month by the due date, plus $towards the back balance

The current balance is $1,673.03.

On behalf of PPL Electric Utilities, I would like to again offer and apology for the way the call was originally handled. [To assist us in bringing this matter to a close, you must give us a reason why you are rejecting the response.

�F$b?���Z���t�\�Rn�����x��*Vo���r.���y�����P� ��uQ}��6w�o-Q x�\��MGḀp*P�V���(~�P+ Budget billing is a service that eliminates seasonal ups and downs in your bill by charging you a fixed monthly cost based on your 12-month average of energy use. This amount was negotiated down to $959.47. We thank *** *** for bringing this to our attention so we can coach the associate and improve the customer experience The customer was satisfied At that time, we agreed to accept $83 to reconnect the service. On 5/20/15, the customer paid $78.00. The customer has a remaining balance of $367.66, which will be due with the next bill. The total balance at... If no reason is received your complaint will be closed Administratively Resolved] Had I received one email about a past due balance, it would have been paid on the spot even though they charge you an exorbitant $4 to use their horrible automated phone system to pay via card. The associate negotiated a payment of $1,624.75 towards the past due balance to reconnect service, with the remaining balance of $1,643.03 due with the next bill generated. On 07/08/16 the customer spoke to us again and we provided the reduced reconnection requirement of $870.77. When the tenant called to connect, the owner, [redacted], was issued a final bill $73.38 based on actual meter readings for service dates 11/17/17-1/6/18. The customer spoke to us again on 06/29/16 and contacted the PUC to dispute the reconnection terms.

Welcome to PPL Stories. company encourages the customer to fill out the OnTrack application and return it to the agency.


A letter was sent to the customer explaining the payment plan. On 6/22/15, a successful termination reminder call was made to the customer. customer can now pay using our automated payment options. On 7/1/15, the service was terminated. endobj

Case# [redacted] – [redacted] – Account #’s [redacted] (1fl), [redacted] (2nd Flr), and        [redacted] (3rd Flr)   [redacted]APT 1** SCRANTON PA [redacted]: 11/15/17 – Customer called to start service effective 11/17/17.

The associate advised the customer the payment was received and her payment plan was active for the current bill plus $15.00 each month. This means in addition to the $177, the customer has another $132 due 09/07/16. Have something to share about PPL Corporation? This bill was... paid on 04/07/15. This payment arrangement defaulted because the customer only...

Although the payment was presented a second time, PPL never received payment, therefore there is no payment to refund to the customer. On 5/20/15, the customer called PPL questioning a phone call she received from the company. No further payments were received.

On 4/15/15, a termination letter was sent for the amount of $3,241.11 with a termination date on or after 4/27/15. <> The customer was also offered budget billing. Your account is reviewed every three months to even out any over- or under-collection. Use RevDex to, Increase visibility and credibility of your review by.

Service was restored on 5/13/15.

If no reason is received your complaint will be closed as Answered] I felt like I didn't have a choice. endobj

Final bill issued to customer for $640.52, based on actual meter readings for service dates 11/17/17-1/3/18. All collection activity was suspended for 10 days and rights provided for filing a complaint with the Public Utility Commission. After all, they made the error - not the consumer.


Our associates are trained to handle various situations without the assistance of a supervisor. If you’d like to stop budget billing, call customer service at 1-800-DIAL-PPL (342-5775). It was made my mind  up for me. endobj

The next bill will be generated tomorrow. 1/5/18 – Tenant called to connect service effective 1/6/18. Service was terminated for non-payment on 04/27/16 with a balance of $999.08. The payment of $today, brings the balance on this account down to $with a due date of 7/6/. sent an OnTrack application to the customer via US Mail.

A payment was processed as a self-service payment through our Automated system on 11/6/2017 @ 11:06am. <>/Metadata 114 0 R/ViewerPreferences 115 0 R>> Customer called and the representative reviewed the bill history. 3 0 obj %���� The customer made a payment via our automated system in the amount of $500.00 on 3/23/15. We did not receive payment and the service was terminated 06/22/16. The customer contacted us by phone on 06/20/17 and we reviewed payment options. We have set up several payment arrangements for this customer. The next bill will be issued around 08/04/16 and due around 08/24/16. [redacted]. Before the call ended unexpectedly, the customer requested a supervisor, a callback request was issued. &b���������c�����'��竔]7�HvM�2���ӓ����z~�� ���`v;�gw��^b� o�y>��7�r.�w]gs!f���Os����V��G��Fiz[l��|����Ł���Hb&�=��g#�? The customer agreed to pay current bill + $83 for 11 months. On 4/22/15, the customer called regarding a payment agreement. I wish the ppl give my money back. The customer called for reconnection terms. The associate explained that she was over the income level and she should be receiving a letter from the OnTrack office.

We again invite the customer to call us to discuss a* ***, On 10/15/our Customer Contact Representative visited the property Upon his arrival, the customer was waiting in a pitruck He did not see her and she did not approach him at the time of arrival He checked her meter base for any foreign wiring He found nothing wrong He also checked the overhead wires to her meter When he turned around, she was there and said that she was video-taping him The customer claims that the house across the highway is stealing electric from her The company employee informed her that it was not possible.

The... On 5/19/15, the customer was sent a letter with information regarding PPL's assistance program; OnTrack We initially flagged this account as cash only based on that.

This caused the budget deferred credit of $88.70 to apply to the account and reduced the amount needed for reconnection to $870.77. If you overpaid, we'll refund that on your next bill. The associate explained that she was over the income level and she should be receiving a letter from the OnTrack office I have been locked out of my PP&L account for roughly eight to nine months had no help from PP&L as they don't even want to connect you to someone on the phone. The agreement was to pay $by 5/25/followed by the current bill Address: 2 North Ninth Street, Allentown, Pennsylvania, United States, 18101, Add contact information for PPL Corporation, Sharing is caring! The same day, the customer called and our associate explained that they were being charged 15 cents per KWH from their supplier.

For outages or power problems, please visit www.pplelectric.com or call 1-800-342-5775.

On 4/1/15, a reminder letter was sent regarding applying for LIHEAP. The total balance at the time was $760.44. Thank you, The customer's service was effective 7/1/and ended as requested by customer 7/30/2013. To see prior You Ask, We Answer posts, click here. Regards, 1 0 obj The company followed proper procedures with the termination of service and is continuing to follow proper procedures regarding restoring service. On 5/26/15, a reminder call was made to the customer regarding the OnTrack information The next payment was $($current bill + $payment plan) with a due date of 6/4/15. The associated offered information on OperationHelp and LIHEAP. We then received a payment of $110 on 05/03/16, which was the amount required to keep the payment agreement active.The customer then had a payment of $110 due on 06/09/16. This was the first payment since the account was opened. $is due by 06/27/, On 5/13/15, a termination notice was sent for the amount of $with a termination date on or after 5/16/


<>/ExtGState<>/ProcSet[/PDF/Text/ImageB/ImageC/ImageI] >>/Annots[ 18 0 R 24 0 R] /MediaBox[ 0 0 612 792] /Contents 4 0 R/Group<>/Tabs/S/StructParents 0>> Primarily in this day and age we now have computers and cell phones that connect us to everything without having to cut down trees and send needless waste in the mail. When asked if there was a medical condition in the home, he said no.

On 03/17/15 the customer contacted PPL to request final billing as of 03/31/15. As stated in the previous response, the customers billing was stopped on 7/30/2012, (as requested by the customer). On 06/23/15, the customer entered an arrangement to pay $216 by 07/13/15, then the current bill + $100 per month. The customer did not agree to the payment plan offered.