They don’t have to guess what will happen next, and the bounce rate is more likely to decrease. Google announced this week that its Rich Results Test now fully supports all Google Search rich results features, and it is officially out of beta. Rich Results take their pride of place in SEO. The smartphone scanner is installed by default, so if you are going to check Rich Results support from your computer, be sure to switch the scanner.

This way you can see how organic the content will be in search results. Green colors show that the code has been working well and there are no errors. At that time, users could only test up to four types of structured data: By 2020, the tool has been modernized and positioned as the most effective platform for testing Rich Results. It identifies problems/bugs and advises on what …

Rich Results Testing Tool is a new generation tool. Rich Results Testing Tool is a search engine tool for testing website pages. Rich results can include carousels, images, or other non-textual elements.

The modern interface has made it easier and more intuitive to test page compliance with Google’s requirements. If the tool highlights code fragments in red, then there is an obvious error. However, it still gives you more chances because you share well-structured information about the content of the resource. Classic blue links tell us about URLs, titles, and meta descriptions. It will first show how it will look in the search results. The markup makes it easier for the search engine to decipher the data of the web sites. Your email address will not be published. Read the current related article – What is the SERP in 2020? Google will start appreciating the site more. Not everyone in the SEO community was happy with the update: Google’s decision to abandon the Structured Data Testing Tool sparked controversy and outrage: Following user criticism, John Mueller stated at an online web meeting that the Google team has reviewed the feedback on the tool and plans to expand the Rich Results Test Tool. Check to see which method is more effective for you. Now that the Rich Results Tool has finally caught up with modern times, it allows publishers to test more structured data a lot more efficiently. What is this test?

For example, if there was a warning for a missing image property, that page could still appear as a rich result, just without an image.

However, if both platforms perform the same function, what’s the difference? A few weeks ago we began to get more support tickets about our recommended products feature. Viktoria is a content marketing specialist and a full-time writer for SeoQuake blog. Put yourself in the shoes of a random user and test how clear the extended result information is.

The platform now supports the validation of all types of structured data markup. It is more rational for a company to develop and support one tool, rather than spending resources on two similar ones. In addition to …, Today we’re releasing version 1.5.4 for Create by Mediavine. Overall, the alignment with Search Console is probably the biggest added value from this change, and the reason we’ve been pushing Google Rich Results Testing long before it came out of beta. A person immediately sees what to expect from the page to which they go, so they open it consciously. Read the current related article –, Rich snippet pages are often more relevant to users. and How to Optimize Featured Snippets Google to Increase Traffic. From the moment a specialist begins to realize their importance, structured data is embedded on all pages of the site to get a chance to stand out in the SERP. Google’s New Rich Results Test to Replace Structured Data Testing Tool Back in June of this year, Google made the announcement that it would begin deprecating its extremely popular Structured Data Testing Tool (SDTT) in favor of its new Rich Results Test (RRT). Between practically doubling the number of employees, our constantly growing list of publishers, a new website, …, While Create is used for a variety of schema types such as Lists and How-To cards, one of its core features has always been its recipe card.