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First, regionally hosted "Track Days" which are hosted by regions across the country and may be single-day events, evening sessions, or entire weekends. Being more directly connected to the car gives a better feel, but seats are a very personal thing so it’s worth trying a few out before buying. But watch those noise limits – there’s nothing more frustrating than being turned away for noise. First, regionally hosted "Track Days" which are hosted by regions across the country and may be single-day events, evening sessions, or entire weekends.

Firmer springs can reduce roll, but going too stiff will make the car skittish over rougher tarmac. Join over 100,000 other drivers who have taken the Driver's University tutorial series. Heated-up Renaults but no A110 replacement for Alpine as it follows in Cupra and Abarth footsteps, UK pricing and specifications for the all-new, all-electric Fiat 500 have been announced, Subscribe today to our exclusive new offer and SAVE 39% on the shop price. Bigger brakes not only provide greater stopping force but also improve pedal feel and controllability.

A bit of tinkering can make the world of difference to a car’s on-track performance, and for £500 to £1000 there is quite a lot than can be done without breaking the bank.

Read on to see preparations you can make to your car for a successful track day. For £15,000, this car could be quite a bargain. Novice only Car track day. The Novice stipulation is in reference to the driver, not the machine. If you are unsure if you meet the requirements for these events please call us prior to booking. With Trackday Xperience you have the ability to go at your own pace and enjoy maximum track time to improve your driving skills. For drivers pushing harder into corners, stiffer springs and dampers will be needed.

You could decide to splash out on a race spec Gen 3 Clio Cup car: When I tested a Mini Challenge Car earlier this year, I had a lot of fun. Some people swap to a smaller battery, saving several kilos (the standard one will start the car in Arctic conditions, but that’s not relevant to a trackday). Adapting the camber, for instance, changes the way the tyre tread is presented to the ground when cornering. We have lots of track days through the year and so have nominated some of them to exclude race cars. New tyres That’s if you’re planning to step up and go racing. Engine-driven fans can become unreliable at constant high engine speeds, so they can be removed and a good quality electric fan used instead. Taking a brand new road car to a track day may see like a good idea until the first invoices start to roll in, a knock in the suspension here and a new set of brakes there.

by Richard Baxter | Jan 10, 2017 | Blog | 2 comments. Below we have broken down the track day preparations you can make and the order in which we think they should be carried out. The first piece of preparation work is a thorough service, including gearbox, differential, brakes and the cooling system, using fluids more tuned to harsh use (for example, Castrol Edge engine oil). Ideal for drivers with track experience, but all levels welcome. After each modification the best thing to do is to try the car on track as it is. With one of your cars in the £15k range, then the excellent E46 M3 is also an option. race numbers/number boards, external electrical cut-off's, external extinguisher pull's, perspex windows or customer sign-on using a competition licence. But also make sure the car you end up with makes you happy. You see an awful lot of Clio track cars at most track days. Note: Some events may not appear on this list, but may be on individual region sites - please use the Find Your Region page to find more events. Check out the comprehensive 'FAQ' page or 'essential novice info' page to see what you need. You get much more from trail braking and subsequently the turning characteristics of a rear wheel drive car are more suited to the track. An Open Pit Lane format is normally used, meaning drivers have the flexibility to use the track as they please throughout the day, allowing hours upon hours of track driving. Of course you don’t have to spend a fortune on modifications to run your car round a track – many cars have more than enough performance straight out of the box – but the fact that it will spend much of the day flat-out means that there are a few essential jobs to do to stop it melting or falling apart. Or a caliper fire, or damage from rolling it….

This car’s also a really good example of coming from a working team; so, if there’s need for a service or some work later down the line you know exactly where to take the car for the work.