This Long Island, New York emcee has kept us waiting patiently for this album, but it was well worth the wait.

To describe one’s testicles as “hanging like drapes” is vivid use of imagery, but then Roc has previously described his penis as beautiful. It's a sonically cohesive product, and no track stands out from another, which works in his favor. Patreon exclusive poll to choose Kosha Dillz, Dej Loaf or Ty Dolla Sign for next week's update! @VblankGames @ACR_Collection @LordZombieXIII @SirKrunch @StarmanNJ @Pixel66 @corbininjapan, Genesis Does Mary Shelley's Frankenstein and boy does THIS GAME SUCK. —Nick de Molina (@odmod), Another Breonna Taylor Grand Juror Speaks Out Over Lack of Homicide Charges, Michael Jordan & Scottie Pippen Signed Super-Rare Basketball Card Hits Auct…, Tobey Maguire's Wife Jennifer Meyer Files for Divorce, Walmart Restocks Guns, Ammo in Stores After Short Removal Citing Civil Unre…, Cristiano Ronaldo Released From Quarantine After Negative COVID test, President Trump Says Lil Wayne is an 'Activist' and Meeting Went …, Lori Loughlin Surrenders to Serve Prison Sentence in College Admissions Sca…, Trump's Hollywood Walk of Fame Star Destroyed Again, Vandal Surrenders, Ron Perlman Asks Judge to Declare Him Single, Wants to Remarry, Yasiel Puig Sued for Alleged Sexual Battery, MLB Star Denies Allegation. It neglects the cohesiveness of his vision and the veiled depth of his lyrics and lo-fi production.

(Spoilers -- I saved the best for last!) “God Loves You” is reflective and a rare letting down of the guard, mentioning his pride at how far he has come and addressing how fickle the rap game can be: “Sacrifices I’ve made on this path that I laidShit was bad ’til I cameI ain’t complain I just mastered my gameThe aim was to land with Rakim and KaneThe landscape changed when I went against the grainN—-s wasn’t quick to embrace (No! I’m surprised Knowledge, Ka, and Roc haven’t formed a group and put out a joint album as it would certainly work. He reminds me of 38 Spesh or Bully – menacing yet knows his way around a beat. #Halloween2020 #SegaGenesis #GenesisDoes @StarmanNJ @SirKrunch @Pixel66 @ACR_Collection, The thick, delicious grooves are arranged by "Death Certificate" architects @DJPooh and the Boogiemen as well as Del and Cube, keeping the funk in steady supply over the course of "Brother George"'s fourteen tracks. We also travel to the front lines for all local festivals including Canadian Music Week and North by Northeast. “Saw” is also a dramatic production that builds yet never quite rewards the listener outside of the rhyming. What distinguishes his monotone flows from his “spin-offs” (as he aptly titles them on “Molly Ringwald”) is the nuance and humor in his writing. Roc’s 2019 wasn’t as loaded as 2018, but I want to shine the spotlight on a filthy 12″ single with Damu the Fudgemunk that is an absolute must-listen, demonstrating his laconic presence still sounds incredible over beats not dissimilar to the work on “Petestrumentals” and “U N Or U Out”. Regular readers will know all about 2010’s “Marcberg” – a pivotal rap record, along with 2012’s “Reloaded”, that helped shape underground hip hop in the 2010s.

#hiphop @SammyEngele @grantjones86 @pstaylor @ryan_feyre @shack_house83, This week's new reviews are live! SHARE; TWEET; It'd be a lazy critic's choice to label Roc Marciano as a grimy New … Don’t forget to check out our. Knowledge the Pirate manages to steal the song with a more direct brash take on the English language: “The type of shit we on…We give a fuck about your small town or them little blocks that you hustle onI remain poised, my 40 cal makes a loud noiseAll my n—-s is cocaine cowboysDon’t make me shoot up your one-horse townHave intercourse with your bitch and drive my Porsche around Have my enforcers lay my gangsta downSeventy two ounces, a few pounds allowedAny “Drama King”, keep a Streetsweeper to control the crowdGo to your local, strip bar throw a couple thou’Put some fiends on the corner, have them having samples out”. Roc is an intelligent artist, aware of his role in the modern rap climate. Roc Marciano isn’t likely to win over those who aren’t into this style of hip hop, but it certainly feels more accessible than the DJ Muggs record “KAOS” or even the “Rosebudd’s Revenge” albums. Another change in “Marcielago” is the touch of humanity. It's a world of passion, death, drugs, greed and blackened tilapia. This approach sells the Strong Island artist, and arguably one of the best albums of 2012, short. Reloaded is a more than worthy addition to the veteran MC's young solo repertoire that reiterates his own vision and skill set. This Long Island, New York emcee has kept us waiting patiently for this album, but it was well worth the wait. You’ll notice the constant need to quote lyrics because Roc at his best is a one-liner machine.

The drum-scarce, sample-heavy style isn't new, but it's clear that Roc the producer doesn't simply settle for the first dope loop he finds on a dig. SPILL ALBUM REVIEW: RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE – THE BATTLE OF MEXICO CITY, SPILL NEW MUSIC: BASS DRUM OF DEATH ANNOUNCE NEW 7-INCH “TOO COLD TO HOLD”/”WAIT” VIA MUSCLE BEACH RECORDS, SPILL NEW MUSIC: DAN MANGAN SHARES NEW PROTEST SONG “THERE’S A TUMOR IN THE WHITE HOUSE” VIA ARTS & CRAFTS, SPILL NEWS: USS ANNOUNCES DETAILS SURROUNDING FINAL STUDIO ALBUM ‘EINSTEINS OF CONSCIOUSNESS’, SPILL NEWS: BUZZCOCKS COMPLETE UNITED ARTISTS SINGLES 1977-1980 7” BOXSET TO BE RELEASED JANUARY 15 ON DOMINO RECORDS, SPILL NEW MUSIC: BORN RUFFIANS REVEAL VIDEO “WAYLAID” FEATURING HANNAH GEORGAS | TAKEN FROM ‘SQUEEZE’ OUT NOW VIA YEP ROC RECORDS, SPILL FEATURE: IT’S ABOUT THE MUSIC – EVERYTHING ELSE IS SECONDARY – A CONVERSATION WITH KENNETH WOMACK – AUTHOR OF JOHN LENNON, 1980: THE LAST DAYS IN THE LIFE, SPILL FEATURE: HELL YEAH. Roc Marciano Reloaded Review. Review Summary: Roc Marciano is certainly not the flashiest rapper, though one would be foolish to think Marciano lacks talent. My review in 2013 concluded that “Marcberg” had the better songs, but “Reloaded” is the better album – and I stand by that statement. With a whole underground movement influenced by his approach and style, “Marcielago” is a statement of self-awareness that embraces the superhero role he has ended up personifying. Even new protege Cook$ holds it down on the haunting “Puff Daddy”, a track that’s the antithesis of the Bad Boy jiggy sound. Our writers bring you up-to-date news, in-depth features on musicians and reviews for the latest CD releases. On the first listen, the drum-scarce dissonance seems like it might start to wear out by the end of the 15-track offering. Marciano’s rhymes aren’t all about ‘big booty hoes,’ and ‘bad bitches,’ they’re about life and how we went from ‘rags to riches,’ his struggle and hustle and this shows with his smooth rhymes throughout the album.