If you’re looking for a case that’s completely waterproof, you may have found a winner in the Plano Hard Case. Oh good, the guy with the celtic knot is adopting the liberal “overcompensating” line. It is better to change that law/regulation to provide for a civil fine of a reasonable amount ($100? The padding is also easy to clean.

“Grow up”… If these features and functions are impressive enough, then you know you’ve found a winner in the Pelican hard case. K.I.S.S.

We never do get a good explanation of what magically happens at 13.5″ as far as something suddenly being treated as a stock, considering they admit the number was an average (not a minimum) and therefore a fuzzy figure. Says the guy criticizing someone else for the way THEIR gun looks. The foam protects your rifle and accessories so they don’t move around while you’re taking the case from point A to point B.

You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Wright was represented by a court-appointed attorney and came away owing not a dime. Mr. Wright, a Marine veteran, allegedly threw a cell phone at his wife and was arrested. The following are questions asked by first-time buyers: It depends on the type of gun case you’re looking for. I glued a piece of foam to the top of my ShockWave Brace for a cheek rest. Are you a dealer? Your rifle is very important to you and it must be taken care of properly. Hard Gun Case with Zerust Magazine Pockets and Straps for Ammunition, Firearm Storage Accessory 4.6 out of 5 stars 4,160 $38.57 $ 38 . First case that gets prosecuted for Kansas-made suppressors and the State is nowhere to be seen defending its’ citizens rights under the law. Is it legal to attach a buffer tube to any pistol? Hard Gun Case with Zerust Magazine Pockets and Straps for Ammunition, Firearm Storage Accessory 4.6 out of … If you’re looking for something that’s heavy-duty and built to last, the Brownells' product will live up to its performance. And only you will have access to your rifle since you’ll have a key on hand that will allow you to unlock the padlocks. Is it likely to rule so? Makes me wonder if many more cases like this have happened where they *were* able to suppress the information from going public which we will never hear about.

Even it has a mother. For victimless crimes with no intent to harm. In 2017 the ATF recommended 15,106 individuals for prosecution. Zero consequences for them regardless of how the case goes. If you own two AR-15 rifles and want to save money rather than buying two separate cases, you’d be insane to pass up the opportunity to give this product a closer look. What weapons were actually used in the Synagogue shooting ? The short answer: yes. SCOTUS hasn’t ruled so, to date. Integrated handle for easier carrying and transport. How did that happen? Some of these hard cases weigh anywhere between 10 and 20 pounds without any rifles or accessories loaded inside. Discreet and compact in style, but heavily padded and double-stitched to keep your rifle … Outside of that the guy is still an idiot. The second problem had to do with how the ATF measured Wright’s gun. Debate finds the truth. Pelican 1720 Rifle Case At A Glance: Single rifle case. Criminals will be criminals and charges against real criminals will be plea bargained down to toy gun status anyway.

If 13.5″ is to be a hard limit like barrel length for guns with an actual buttstock, it needs to be signed into law by congress…just like the hard limit on barrel length for guns with an actual buttstock. Compared to soft shell cases, hard cases might be a little pricey. https://beta-static.photobucket.com/images/hh500/AF_Veteran/AR15/AR15%20Pistol/300BLK%20Pistol_zpsffrrw2s1.jpg. No deductibles or added costs. If you’re someone who likes to save some space for storage, this is probably the best news you’ve heard in a while. It seems that tyranny is winning and that the freedoms that this great country is famed for are being snipped away, one at a time. (Now we are getting more specific.).

Gee, that’s not what I’ve noticed after 60 years on this planet. In summary: 4d chess. If anytime actually used for self defense, I think most of these would be a hindrance, not an asset. Mad at him for shattering her fancy iPhone screen? The gun looks like an accessory to an action figure found in the toy aisle of Wally World. So inside and out, this puppy is indestructible and does its best to protect your rifle. Victims of the state.

Wonder how much it weighs? And isn’t any weapon, in effect, “illegal” when used for a crime? Kansas writes a state law saying that guns and accessories manufactured in their state and only sold in their state would not be subject to federal laws and restrictions since there is no “interstate commerce”. This will not only take on continuous bumping and banging, but it is also approved by the TSA for suitable air travel. Case Club has the largest selection of hard Rifle Cases there is. Does this gun owner have the right to be treated fairly in a court of law and not have incorrect laws/regulations thrown at him? So… just be as accurate as you can, and slap a disclaimer before and after it. Wright had apparently added the cane tip to keep the gun upright when stored in his safe.

How much you want to bet that he won’t, or if he does it will be after yet another legal battle? I think the Vatican has the corner on canons. The outer shell of hard cases will always be resistant to water.

For easier carrying, this includes an integrated handle that will allow you to carry it easily from point A to point B.

NcSTAR Shotgun Case 2958 54"x8" Padded Synthetic F... Voodoo Tactical Tactical Shotgun Scabbard Nylon Black 20-8914001000.

$200?) He won’t be. (heavy sarc). Are you looking for the best AR-15 hard cases? That’s the kind of case you’re dealing with. So once you open it, everything is still intact. I think it would be good if you guys had a little refresher on what is legal and what isn’t.