Basically a pedal that compensates for the pickup output so one wouldn’t have to change the compressor variables. TalkBass utilizes technology from //Commerce that may give us a small affiliate commission on purchases made via links on our site.

The Dynacomp is perhaps more transparent but compress harder, which is why it’s ofte preferred by finger pickers. Which settings do you recommend for Dyna Comp Mini? What do you think about Seymour Duncan Vise Grip Compressor for Gilmourish sound? Based on the legendary Teletronix LA-2A studio tube compressor, the PC-2A offer a stunning sound quality, super smooth compression and warmth. You should try the Wampler Ego Compressor! What would you say about the DIAMOND compressor CPR1 COMPRESSOR ?? Hello, Björn! Super silent and extremely dynamic. Do you have tested the Keeley Compressor Pro ? Maybe I missed something, but to me it is just theorical and does not really help making a decision acquaring one pedal instead of another. Not truly a noise gate, suppressor or compressor that merely hide or filter out unwanted sounds, the Electro Harmonix is a true hum extractor that makes sure your end result is pure, untainted tone No matter what type of pickups you use or how loud you play, the Hum Debugger will clean up your signal chain so that hum will no longer overtake your guitar signal. [Levinson Blade RH4, with Klein S7 pickups through a Redplate Astrodust Duo. These had two controls – sustain and volume.

Don’t know why I haven’t included it here but it’s one of the better compressors I’ve played. Have you tried RAF Mirage Handwired Pro?

Hei Bjorn! Obviously, with the four knobs you got a very versatile compressor. You have a great ear, and write in a manner that even the newbies amongst us can understand.

:-) Looks and sounds great IMHO.

Some guitarists might go as far as saying that this pedal has achieved greater “classic” status than the pedal it evolved from. Jun 19, 2008 #7.

I’ve been using the G system for years so it’s the first time building a pedal board. You might also want to roll down the guitar volume control just a hair to round off that sometimes harsh top end.

CP-9 PRO PLUS ? Hi, Bjorn!

Doesn’t it work when trying to achieve a gilmourish tone? So, I thought I could’ve made a bad purchase.

What’s you’re opinion on the Diamond compressor? The new mini-sized Dyna Comp offer the same classic transparent tones as the original, with a switch for fast or slow attack. get a ross gray if you can. Hope that gives you some info as to what my rig resembles. I wasn’t aware that they upgraded the ’76 Custom Shop model. True to the original but, as the original, it doesn’t have led and true bypass. The Xotic sp is not bad, quiet and clean, but i use it at the lowest setting. Try it if you can.

Are you going to build a full pedalboard of pedals under 100?

They should sound identical although the hardwire bypass rolls off some of those highs….

Hi Bjorn, A compressor controls the dynamic range of a sound by making the quiet notes louder and the louder notes more quiet.

There are no stores where I can test the products in my city.

A good start would probably be volume around unity, attack around noon and the sustain somehwere between 10-12 o’clock. So, I emailed a company that does pedal mods about having my Dyna Comp reissue modded for true bypass and the customer service rep asked me to take a picture of the circuit board to see if it was already true bypass and he said it was. It’s transparent and subtle although you can certainly make it squeeze hard. Its just a digital take on a compressor. First bass body build, come watch me screw it up! I was trying it different ways yesterday. Given all those possibilities, I bet that if you spend some time adjusting those parameters, you will certainly find the perfect configuration for you.

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Thanks again! There have been countless clones and derivatives of the ‘ole Ross/Dyna Comp, but Wampler’s Ego Compressor is the current pinnacle of OTA compression design.

Some believe that compressor must have it, but in reality, there aren’t that many true bypassers on the market.

My ideal compression setting would be somewhere between Low & Mid. Unfortunately didn’t know about your website until after I bought it and I didn’t know there were other versions of the circuit, so I am going to sell it and buy either the script logo or ’74 reissue (is the extra for the reissue worth it?).

based on what you wrote i think i’ll go for the cali76 copmact. Gold Supporters see zero ads! As most players now tend to use several effects pedals, the signal passing through has been altered by a fair amount by the time it hits the actual amplifier.

Always so hard to pick gear that you can’t personally try out, especially with your own setup. Thanks for sharing. Thanks Paul. 1) Gurus Amps Optivalve 2) Effectrode PC-2A 3) YellowSquash Iron Fist 4 knob 4) Demeter Compulator 5) Origin Effects Cali76 Compact. The Origin Effects Cali76 took the guitar & bass playing communities by storm because of one reason: it’s essentially an Urei 1176 Limiting Amplifier in a stompbox. In a long guitar signal chain compressor goes right after guitar, then all other pedals you might be using, and then the amplifier. I’m not trying to nail David’s tones by the way, but would like a generic approximation of his sound. Gilmour tones: About Face – PULSE

I decided to try the Whirlwind Red Box, and boy did that make a difference.

The Mooer is a great reprod of the Diamond, so yes, both are worth checking out.

It has an incredible musicality to it and makes the guitar breath and open out in a way that means that I’d leave in on all the time. *No, not David Gilmour’s guitar tech who’s also named Phil Taylor, although Mr. Gilmour, a true connoisseur of tone, does use a PC-2A Compressor in his current rig! Radek.

I almost got my first comp based on the recommendations here (either the Dyna or the Boss CS3) but in the end I actually got the Warden by Earthquaker Devices. Hey Björn! For Gilmour compressor+overdrive tones I use “mid” compression and about half/half blend. Do a quick search… :).

It seemed to suck out the bass and made the tone tight and squishy. Understanding what a compressor is and what it does is important to decide whether you need one or not. The high noise ceiling is nice here if you are looking for extreme compression. The Ross Compressor was a fierce competitor to the Dyna Comp in the late 70s and preferred by many for its even smoother tone and more dynamic compression. If so, which pedal combination would create some of that thick tone without sounding too compressed or too over driven so I can use it as a basis for tone building prior to my overdrive pedals?

then I hooked the compressor and the EQ and after about an hour of trial and more trial with compressor and BOSS EQ and the guitars own EQ knobs, I found a combination that sounded really good, very very good. Thanks Bjorn, There is a brand new one out that does have the led: You guys are awesome by the way! Depends on what type of compression you want. It also works well with my BYOC triangle as a clean booster.

The Dyna Comp, like all MXR effects, is housed in a very rugged chassis, but all the components are soldered right to the board.

One compressor you didn’t list is the MXR M228 Dyna Comp Deluxe Compressor Pedal. The best way to learn how a compressor works it to use it in a band mix or on a recording. }->Powerbooster-> vibe (like it after distorsion)->phaser->eleclady->nova delay->laney lionheart What’s more, Channel B features Rivera’s unique Super Sustain mode which goes over the top to crown this pedal as the king of clean sustain.

It’s basically a mix up between the Dynacomp and the old Ross. Discussion in 'Effects [BG]' started by EBMan, Oct 4, 2007. Like they can add some switching noise.

It’s an optical compressor with Volume, Tone, Sustain & Blend controls. Also features true bypass and a diecast chassis.

minor circuit/component changes can make major differences in electronics, especially in relation to something as subjective as audio, throw in variables of amplification, other devices, and instruments, playing techniques.