The upgrade made her resistant to bullets, even when hit at close range. After setting the TARDIS to take the Doctor away, Bill left with Heather to explore the universe. Der Artikel Doctor Who: The Doctor Falls - Review (Staffelfinale) wurde von Christian Schäfer am Sonntag, den 2. The result is an episode that begins better than it ends, which is never the optimal arrangement. (TV: Twice Upon a Time), Bill was a lesbian. When Bill knowingly looked at the TARDIS, the Doctor realised what she was suggesting and made her stand close to him, intending to wipe her memory of these events, but she convinced him not to. (TV: Extremis), While travelling, the TARDIS was drawn to the 9th century, in the Northern reaches of the Atlantic Ocean.

Sometime later, the Doctor and Bill found that most of humanity had no recollection of the Monks.

(COMIC: Harvest of the Daleks), After Bill got into an argument with the Doctor about the fate of the Ninth Roman Legion, they, along with a reluctant Nardole, travelled to 2nd century Scotland. (COMIC: The Soul Garden), The Doctor took Bill to Titan to see a clear image of Saturn, her favourite planet. (TV: The Doctor Falls), In the final battle, she was allowed to join the Doctor as he confronted the Cybermen. The Doctor took Bill to visit a human colony in the far future, telling Nardole that he was just transporting the TARDIS back to the office. As "possessed" UNIT forces arrived and starting advancing menacingly, the Doctor ushered everyone into the TARDIS only to find it had been merged with that of his tenth incarnation, with the Eighth and Ninth Doctors soon arriving. Bill pretended that his cruelty did not upset her but was crying beneath her mask, something which surprised the Doctor. Noticing her potential, he became her personal tutor.

Bill, wanting to be with the Doctor, began to repeatedly ask him to take her to the lifts. from the Doctor.

After being shot through the stomach on a Mondasian colony ship, Bill was taken to meet the mischievous Razor, a man who turned out to be an earlier incarnation of The Master. Beyond that, I struggle to say too much in favor of the episode’s central threat, as it’s the textbook example of an intriguing setup for an episode that loses much of its luster once all is explained. Bill befriended the urchins who had originally stolen from them and chose to cooperate with the Doctor. (TV: The Pyramid at the End of the World), She had problems with her face because it was "always doing expressions [when she was] trying to be enigmatic". Recruiting Lou, Bill managed to convince the Doctor of both her identity and to help Ziggy return home. When the pair were rescued by the passing vehicle, Bill was introduced to Rudy Zoom, the financier of the voyage. Along with Nardole and the SWAT troops, they infiltrated the Monks' pyramid in London so that the Doctor could hijack their broadcast with his own mind to break the psychic transmission.

After Jenny had explained the events that led to her arrival, Bill was ready to help only to be shocked by the white energy that emanated from the Void, finding she was immune to it. When Alit gave her a mirror, Bill realised she was in Cyber-form, causing her distress. Bill also accidentally fattened up a girl she fancied by giving her extra chips; though she lost interest in the girl, Bill continued to give her extra chips as a gesture of kindness. Allying with a group of Vikings, the Doctor and Bill discovered a group of Ice Warriors attempting to contain The Flood.

(TV: Knock Knock) She further showed bravery as she volunteered to combat the oncoming Cyberman from floor 1056 in her cyber form despite the Doctor implying its technology would be more formidable than her own, and stayed to combat the army of multiple fully evolved Cybermen despite knowing full well she would die in the conflict.

(TV: The Doctor Falls), After several months for her, she awoke with a cybernetic heart in a hospital.

Later, when it was discovered that Fey's only surviving relative, Alexander Truscott, was probably behind things, Bill recognised him from his appearances on TV. During an attack by the Clockwise Men, Bill helped Gol Clutha attack them with a proton cannon, but was powerless to stop them ageing Gol to death. The group was scattered when a robot attacked them, believing them to be weeds.

Their investigation led them to Lord Sutcliffe with the Doctor warning Bill to let him do the talking as it required a diplomatic approach. (WC: The Best of Days), Whilst dying of old age, Bill gave permission to Heather to go back out and continue travelling the universe. The Doctor and Bill's next destination to break the code was to see Alan Turing. BBC, DOCTOR WHO, DALEK and TARDIS (word marks, logos & devices) are trademarks of the British Broadcasting Corporation. (TV: Knock Knock) She had a crush on a girl who attended the Doctor's lectures, and developed an interest in another young woman, Heather. (TV: The Pilot), Bill explores a human colony. Fandom may earn an affiliate commission on sales made from links on this page. Over the course of her tutoring in 2017, Bill developed a crush on another student, Heather, who showed her a puddle that cast a reversed reflection. Razor allowed her to watch the Doctor and the others upstairs, though time passed extremely slowly; by the time the Doctor raised an eyebrow, a week passed for Bill. This is tricky to judge. They purchased a home together, went clubbing, and grew old together. Bill went on a date with Penny and told her about the virtual world the Doctor had since told her about. Every Doctor deserves a monster perfectly engineered to target their greatest weakness. (COMIC: Matildus), The Doctor and Bill went to visit the Galatean duplicate of Alan Turing on the lunar colony Athenia to decipher the markings on the TARDIS. She also shares the name with Billie Piper who played Rose Tyler, a companion to the Ninth and Tenth Doctors, as well as the Moment. (TV: The Pyramid at the End of the World). (TV: The Pilot), Bill's appearance as a Cyberman.

(COMIC: The Parliament of Fear). Thankfully, Bill was saved by girlfriend/'puddle girl', Heather, and the two ventured into space and time together hand in hand. When the Doctor discovered the Vardy robots had killed the set-up team on the colony, the pair almost blew up the ship around which the city had been built before realising that the colonists had already arrived and were in hibernation. (TV: Knock Knock) She later moved back in with her foster mother. Bill was mortally wounded by a paranoid technician who was the only one left of his crew, due to her being human and supposedly a target for an unknown threat. After several hours, they found a domed-off garden in a cavern, which they investigated on foot. Bill was born around 1991. Bill realised she was being pursued as Heather had promised not to leave without her. The Doctor warns that the time dilation affords the Cybermen more time to evolve and strategize. The Seminole medicine woman Totika summoned the Stikini who killed the Sheltons by ripping their hearts from their bodies. Bill cries while looking at her mother's pictures.