Despite Spielberg's undisputed greatness, this movie proved that the franchise needed new blood at the helm. Making a sequel to one of the greatest found-footage movies of all time led to a very conventional horror sequel with a director known best for making documentary films, Joe Berlinger (who has said since that the movie was taken away from him by the studio). Who could forget the sequel to "The Hangover" (I'm not even going to bring up part three)? The Take is a four-part British television crime drama series, adapted by Neil Biswas from the novel by Martina Cole, that first broadcast on Sky1 on 17 June 2009. But seriously, he was out long before the studio probably thought up this awful thing, that's become regarded as one of the worst event films ever made. The Take is a four-part British television crime drama series, adapted by Neil Biswas from the novel by Martina Cole, that first broadcast on Sky1 on 17 June 2009. It didn't. Discover unique things to do, places to eat, and sights to see in the best destinations around the world with Bring Me! ", "I loved that movie, and so does everyone I know who saw it. Wikus became a prawn and Christopher Johnson went back to his home planet, promising Wikus he’d return in three years to reverse Wikus's alien transformation. Subscriber It even said 'To Be Continued!

Some comedies should never try to be given a sequel, and this is definitely one of them. It was a big mistake.

What happened to them all??

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This is still probably the strangest plot left turn I've ever watched. Honestly, that movie was ahead of its time. A big reason I'm skeptical about another Indian Jones movie is that I still can't get rid of the bad taste of the last one. Adam Scott replacing John Cusack in the sequel should be the first indication that this movie wasn't gonna cut it. The movie didn't have the same life as the previous two and Venom couldn't even grab audiences' attentions. When Freddie's behavior takes a shocking turn for the worse and almost ruins a deal, Jimmy takes control. Instead, 10 years later we had a new ensemble and it just wasn’t the same. Arnold Schwarzenegger as Mr. After making two of the most memorable movies ever, he tried to go for the hat trick. It's hard to believe a movie could veer so far from its original's style and originality. "I need answers to what Deckard is going to do next, what's happening with the replicant revolution, what space is like, and if Joi is really dead! I really wish they would have continued the story because those were such great characters.". Attempting to do another zany comedy on the golf course, but this time with a better animatronic golfer, what we get a lot of tired jokes from Jackie Mason and Chevy Chase looking like he's just there to collect a check. There have been a lot of "Terminator" movies that haven't been good, but this one is awful. When you go and make arguably the greatest sequel of all time, it's likely a studio is going to throw money at you until you finally make a third. Did Nancy and Prince Edward rule Andalasia?

Fox, this time Jason Bateman tries to take the spotlight. By Joseph Allen Sep 02, 2016. I have questions ... so many unanswered questions.". All the characters were developed so well in a single film that it would’ve been amazing to see what the writers had in mind for follow-ups. The South African government was also going to relocate the alien population out of District 9...and then District 10 never happened! I need Jude Law's character's sexy ass to get redeemed more, I need Melissa to continue being an absolute badass, and I need more Rose Byrne, too. There's a new killing to be made and Freddie and Jimmy are forming alliances with the help of Ozzy. But it in no way captures the same magic of laughs and teen hijinks that the Fox movie had. At first Freddie gets everything he ever wanted and Jimmy is taken along for the ride: a growing crime empire that gives them all the respect and money they have hungered for. If you thought the original didn't have any kind of plot then you'll be amazed by how little the characters do in the sequel. Self care and ideas to help you live a healthier, happier life. HOW is it possible we never saw what happened between Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan's characters? Do you have any favorite movies that never got the sequel they needed? The series aired in the United States between 2 and 23 December 2009 on Encore. Subscribe to our daily newsletter to get more of it. I thought Armie Hammer and Henry Cavill had such fun chemistry together. ", "The ending was so ominous — they found a potential short-term way to keep the non-infected people safe, and the main character basically goes, 'We’re all still screwed.'

Sharon Stone returns to play crime novelist (and serial killer) Catherine Tramell, but with no Michael Douglas acting across from her — and a bewildering plot — the movie is an absolute dud.

", "They even gave a teaser for the second book with Ethan and Darcy in England at the end, but the sequel never happened! ", "I know it’s a sequel itself, but the ending when Scott became evil and Dr. The result is a how-to on making a bad sequel. The strange set design. ", "Spy really needed a sequel. But this one pulled it off. I'm not leaving until we get the sequel to Spy. Obviously the songs are why you're watching it in the first place, but none of them come close to the classics in the first movie. RELATED: Disney+: The 10 Best Movies From the ‘70s (According to IMDb) Sequels also show a faster drop in weekly revenues relative to non-sequels. Not all submission are from Community users. I would have loved to see the magic continue. So why wouldn't we make a movie where Superman collects all the nuclear weapons the world ever created and throws them into the sun? Starring Emilia Clarke as Sarah Connor and Arnold Schwarzenegger returning once more as the terminator, this movie with its time travel plot is instantly forgettable after watching it. By this point in the franchise, Bruce Willis isn't going through the motions as John McClane, he's sleepwalking. A leading-edge research firm focused on digital transformation. ", "Sarah’s determination and will impacted all of us, and I would have loved to see her grow up and see the Goblin King once more. ", "This movie ended on a huge cliffhanger!

We definitely deserve more to her story! We were coming out of the Cold War and peace was a big theme throughout the world. Reporting on what you care about. And things get worse the deeper you get into this awful time travel comedy that destroys everything great about the original movie. In a franchise that is built around fun relationship comedy troupes, for the sequel, Bridget Jones ends up in a Thai prison after authorities found cocaine in a gift she was asked to pack in her suitcase. Will Smith had no problem skipping the sequel to one of his biggest blockbuster hits. The film blended animation and live-action perfectly at the time which really helped make the film unique and exciting. This is one of the rare instances when someone should have listened to the Farrellys. This 1970s classic is one movie that is in desperate need for a sequel. Jimmy forces Freddie to take responsibility for his son's actions when Little Jimmy is found dead at the hands of Little Freddie. And what we got was a massive story that they had to break up into two movies to tell. I won't rest until we have an Imperator Furiosa spin-off in which she drives a truck around the world rescuing people from captivity. The Take was the first of two Cole novels to be adapted by Company Pictures for Sky1, the other being The Runaway, starring Jack O'Connell and Joanna Vanderham, that followed in 2011. I need to know if she went to Juilliard, if she stayed with Adam, or if she just completely fell apart. Torn between being loyal to a cousin he loves and being true to his own destiny, Jimmy is forced to decide between protecting Freddie or the life he has built with Maggie. After "The Matrix" became a sensation it was obvious there would be another movie.

Share Share Tweet Email. Though the Farrelly brothers wanted no involvement in a sequel that looked at their "Dumb & Dumber" characters in high school, that didn't stop New Line from coming up with their own.

Movie sequels do not always do as well at the box office as the original, but they tend to do better than non-sequels, according to a study in the July 2008 issue of the Journal of Business Research.

The late 1980s was an interesting time. Eighteen years after director John Landis and stars John Belushi and Dan Aykroyd created one of the greatest comedy musicals of all time with "The Blues Brothers," Landis and Aykroyd went and polluted the legacy with this awful sequel. Gordon Gekko trying to get back into the game after serving jail time didn't have the edge of the original. Instead, we got a reboot.". Submissions have been edited for length and clarity. And it proved to be the right choice as we have to sit and watch poor Jeff Goldblum try to carry a sequel that had no business getting made. Most sequels don't live up to the film that came before them, but there are plenty of exceptions to that rule.