No coding needed. Even though you may have to pay for premium support, W3 Total Cache lets you resolve complex issues quickly and reliably (without having to peruse lengthy documentation). BoldGrid's ecosystem of integrated plugins and services empowers your team to easily and effectively build and manage client websites.

Serious inquiries only, and please don’t expect 100% scores if you’re using slow hosting, plugins, and theme. WP Engine – also not what it used to be, expensive and not even fast anymore. Optimize your website speed and performance. Pre-filled content for industries like Photography, Real Estate, Music, Marketing and more. Many W3 Total Cache settings are preset (shown in the “Install” tab), but not all of them. Yes, it’s a little more expensive at $10-$13/month, but we’re talking about speed here – not being cheap. Step 4: Login to your Cloudflare dashboard and go to Page Rules. He has a perfect 5 star review on his profile. I would really appreciate that! Most sites should leave this disabled. This tutorial shows you how to set up the performance tabs then add Cloudflare’s free CDN or StackPath‘s premium CDN. Post and Page Builder 1.11 includes 10 new Premium Block designs, and WYSIWYG support for shortcodes from the editor. BoldGrid makes it easy to create beautiful websites on WordPress. So how can you tell if this plugin is causing all your troubles? 11. W3 Total Cache Premium not only unlocks the features below, but puts you on the upgrade path for additional features that we’re excited to share in the near future. Luckily, for W3 Total Cache, that is not the case. W3 Total Cache is a total nightmare to setup and maintain. Installing your first BoldGrid Inspiration, Block Types for the Post and Page Builder, Enable the Google PageSpeed Insights Widget, Working within the W3TC Dashboard Support, How to Enable the Google PageSpeed Dashboard Widget in W3 Total Cache, Perform a W3 Total Cache Compatibility Check for WordPress, Safely Test Cache Configuration Settings Using Preview Mode. No CPU issues like on SiteGround, Bluehost, and other shared hosting. This section is specifically for StackPath’s CDN which they also have a tutorial for. Worry less about your website’s safety and performance. Referrer Groups are used to serve a unique cached version for users who come to your site through specific traffic sources (eg. Just do your research and look at this Facebook thread.

Even when browsing through their pages or running your own tests, you can see the difference. You can use our Community forum to pose any question you may have to our Customer Facing Support team. Join the WordPress Hosting Facebook Group to get unbiased feedback. Adding page rules in the Cloudflare dashboard is also recommended. No shortcodes or coding needed. I signed up for popular hosting companies then installed the same Astra Starter Site on each of them while measuring load times in Pingdom for 1 week at 30 minute check intervals. Go to the Performance settings, then click Purge Everything. When using a free plugin from the WordPress Repository, it can be difficult to get Support for it in some cases. Fragment Caching bridges the gap between no caching at all and the “ideal,” full page caching. I write tutorials on WordPress speed optimization and SEO. The minification and combination settings in W3 Total Cache are usually the most common culprits of broken elements when using W3 Total Cache. W3 Total Cache minify may break WordPress plugins, themes or your ability to even log into WordPress depending on its compatibility with other plugins or themes used and the overall configuration of this caching plugin. You haven't seen fast until you've tried PRO, Full Site CDN + Additional Caching Options    Advanced Caching Statistics, Purge Logs and More. I generally don’t recommend W3 Total Cache since it doesn’t support database cleanup, heartbeat control, optimizing Google Fonts video optimization, or NGINX + memcached (only available with the premium version). Download W3 Total Cache Pro WordPress Plugin. When you’re done, be sure to login to your Cloudflare dashboard and add Page Rules which can improve speed and security. Cloud WordPress is a FREE development environment to quickly design and build WordPress websites before deploying live. A WordPress SuperTheme with fine-grain control over your website design. W3 Total Cache: The Ultimate WordPress Caching Plugin, Easily Speed Up WordPress Websites With W3 Total Cache. Hosting recommendations are usually garbage. If disabling AD blocker or change Web Browser not help to you please contact us. The WordPress Repository is probably the most widely used support forum for users of the Free version, which can be obtained from the same location. Unlimited layout ideas with custom designed pre-built content blocks. It's also easier to configure. Learn more.
The following steps will guide you through the process. They’re what I use; see my GTmetrix report or click through my posts to see how fast they load.

Upload the file under Performance → General Settings → Import / Export Settings. Not sure if you have the best W3 Total Cache settings? Enjoy. We provide support for it in a few different ways, and this article will help explain what is needed to get support based on the need you have. That means that caching entire pages to improve user experience and performance is not a solution. W3 Total Cache Pro WordPress Plugin Free Download v. – W3-edge | W3 Total Cache Pro v3.9.7.5 WordPress Plugin enhances your site’s SEO and user experience by enhancing website efficiency, decreasing load times through characteristics such as inclusion of content delivery network (CDN) and the recent best practices. You can find the comments at the end of every article. We will do our best to answer as soon as possible, and provide you with the most accurate information we have. Pourtant fan de W3 Total Cache, WP Rocket est sans comparaison et m'a largement convaincue. Test each one of these carefully. That post has 70+ images, 480 comments (showing Gravatars), Font Awesome, and Elementor. Specifically DigitalOcean / Vultr High Frequency. Support monitors the forums Mon - Fri 9am - 5pm (Denver time). This file was last updated on March, 18, 2019.

Same concept as referrer groups, only it uses cookies instead to create a unique cached version for users who come to your site through specific cookies. Yes, Cloudflare's free CDN can make your site faster and more secure which you can set up by changing nameservers in your domain registrar, then configuring the Cloudflare settings in W3 Total Cache. Adding a server, migrating your site, and the dashboard is actually very easy. Step 1: Go to the W3 Total Cache General Settings and enable StackPath. Some domains are still live ( is hosted on a $10/month Cloudways DO plan and is hosted on SiteGround GrowBig).

If you don’t see this, there may be an ’empty all caches’ option in the dashboard tab. W3 Total Cache comes with basic lazy load settings which fixes the lazy load item in PageSpeed Insights. In my case it would be Cloudflare and Yoast. Configuring Page Caching in W3 Total Cache for Shared Hosting, Agree with the Terms and Conditions, then click, Fill out any relevant details, and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Unlike StackPath, setting up Cloudflare is different and requires changing nameservers.
Support used to be average, but is now really good as reflected on TrustPilot. Step 3: In the W3 Total Cache Extensions tab, activate Cloudeflare and click Settings. If you do not have a CDN provider, you can still improve your site’s performance using the “Self-hosted” method. I also donate quite a bit to charity ($6,000 to GoFundMe so far) and your support would really help. GTmetrix tests are always different, but even posts with a huge page 2.70MB page size and 96 requests can often load in under 2s. You can hire him by creating a profile on and searching for username bdkamol (see his portfolio). That’s why it yields faster load times and is rated the #1 cache plugin in most Facebook polls. Build pages in real-time with our easy-to-use, visual drag-and-drop editor and pre-built content blocks. W3 Total Cache Premium not only unlocks the features below, but puts you on the upgrade path for additional features that we’re excited to share in the near future. Marketica 4.6.5 – Marketplace WordPress Theme, Manufacturer 1.2.2 Premium – Factory and Industrial WordPress Theme, Adning Advertising 1.5.9 Premium – All In One Ad Manager for WordPress, Advanced WooCommerce Reporting 5.7 – WeaDown. They have recommendations on that page I linked to which makes the plugin aware if you’re grouping transients. Important notes about the W3 Total Cache browser cache settings: Leave everything else including ‘expires header lifetime’ which the developer says is preset. Build custom websites and themes with advanced customization options. Download Free W3 Total Cache Pro v3.9.7.5 WordPress Plugin. Required fields are marked *. If you continue using it, we assume you are happy with our, I moved to Cloudways for 2x faster load times, Download my recommended W3 Total Cache settings here.

Step 1: Sign up for a free Cloudflare account, add your site, and run the scan prompted by Cloudflare. Everything you need to scale your WordPress Website and improve your PageSpeed. EIG: avoid these 80+ hosting companies, We use cookies on this website. We’re excited for you to try this first iteration of our extension framework, and documentation can be found (for now) inside the plugin’s FAQ. Most websites should leave this disabled. If you are an advanced user, feel free to drop by our GitHub repositories, where we maintain the community version and drop in a bug report or feature request. An automated backup, fault protection, and migration solution. Hundreds of beautiful page layout options are possible with BoldGrid’s WordPress Themes.

Yes, you should also install plugins for heartbeat control, database cleanup, image optimization, and either Asset CleanUp or Perfmatters to selectively disable plugins. Page Rule 3: Decrease Bandwidth Of WP Uploads – since the content in your WP Uploads folder does not change frequently, increasing Edge Cache TTL to a month can save on bandwidth, since the WP Uploads folder cache won’t be refreshed as often. Cloudflare is set up differently and it has it’s own section. Slowed my sites more than it sped it up. This was a simple Pingdom test to measure load times of 16 WordPress hosts. Demo W3 Total Cache Pro WordPress Plugin. GoDaddy: do I really need to write this?

Fragment Caching Social layer, personalization and e-commerce etc are common elements of highly dynamic web sites. Find the Best WordPress Hosting to match the needs of your project or budget. CDN pointers from the plugin developer (found in Install tab) – if you do not use the Media Library, import your images etc into the default locations. The Post and Page Builder preserves site design while allowing creative and editorial teams to create and edit content easily. He falls asleep to serial killer documentaries and pukes in Mobil garbage cans. It also allows for innovation as 3rd parties can make contributions without having to be a core project developer to contribute or solve their problems while maintaining the control they need. Il permet de booster les performances de son site sans effort et d'améliorer l'expérience utilisateur. Out-of-the box responsive design. We are actively seeking new contributing members, so please feel free to also submit any pull requests you may have. Tom Dupuis started OMM in 2011. Use the Media Library Import Tool on the “CDN” tab to do this. and configure FTP options on the “Content Delivery Network” tab.