Detailed pictorial maps reveal the richness and diversity of human and animal life around the world.

For some reason, I could not get the idea across to my boys that the earth. We have spent hours on this book already, exploring basic geography, social concepts, the natural world, man-made influences..., and we still have over half of the book to go. Website by Semantic.

all ages For more famous sights around the world, click on the playlist.

The sturdy box contains a vividly illustrated jigsaw of a map of Britain and Ireland, plus a 24-page picture atlas showing each region with towns and cities, rivers, flags and other details.

To find out how to do this, see Help & Advice. Mount Everest is the highest mountain in the world.

See the White House in Washington, DC, USAFor more famous sights around the world, click on the playlist. The Usborne Children’s Picture Atlas not only contains maps of the seven continents, but features two-page spreads of deserts, grasslands, forests, mountains, rivers and seas. No Palestine. 3 years +

Facts about seahorses, clownfish and turtlesClick on a fact file link. It provides a simple introduction to maps, culture and geographical topics for younger children. 15 years +, For However, this book would be a good resource for the discussion of the solar system or universe with the younger children, as it refers to the globe, the universe and how a map works. Find out more…. There are fascinating facts about each country, plus flags and capital cities and an index of place names.

The illustration are done well and the information on how to read maps and the different facts about different places in the world was a good fit for my 5 year old. I then turned to the maps section to find only israel depicted. Each map shows the countries, their capital cities, most famous landmarks, longest rivers and highest mountains, while picture stories supplement the maps.

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Unser Ziel ist es, humorvolle und informative Bücher zu machen, die von Kindern und Eltern gleichermaßen geschätzt werden.

Adults - we recommend that children are supervised while on the internet. A stunning atlas with 15 beautifully illustrated maps for children to pore over. Take a tour of the British Isles with this entertaining atlas and 300-piece jigsaw, with hundreds of animals, landmarks and attractions to spot. Für. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Well, look no further. I liked all the easy to read information and the illustrations. Sound files should play on a computer, tablet or smartphone. Download Adobe Reader.

Lots of nice things to look at without the page being to busy with information. In my opinion, the facts regarding lifestyles and cultures on different continents are not entirely accurate. Click on the links to visit the recommended websites. Read the following reviews or write one of your own.

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For example, in Mexico there are labelled drawings of a butterfly, gila monster, cactus, hot peppers and Mexican singer. Children, make sure you follow these three simple rules when using the internet: For more tips, see Internet safety for children.

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