However, they still deny the importance of literacy. The country is doing substantial work to increase education. 10 Best Propane Smokers 2019 : Best Grill Smoker (Buying Guide), 16 Best Office Chairs Review & Guide 2019, 20 Discontinued Snacks We Wish Would Come Back, Serta Executive Office Chair 43670 Review.

Current literacy data are generally collected through population censuses or household surveys in which the respondent or head of the household declares whether they can read and write with understanding a short, simple statement about one's everyday life in any written language. REUTERS/Adnan Abidi, Residents wade in a flooded bridge over a swollen river due to heavy rains in Ilagan town, Isabela province north of Manila on October 31, 2020, ahead of Typhoon Goni's landfall in the Philippines. The law makes the children attend at least six years in the primary and three years in the secondary. According to this study, the literacy rate in Ethiopia was at 29.82%. These numbers produced by the UIS are a stark reminder of the work ahead to meet the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), especially Target 4.6 to ensure that all youth and most adults achieve literacy and numeracy by 2030.

Sun Joe SPX4000 Review – Possibly Most Powerful Pressure Washer? Worldwide literacy data shows harmful effects on people all around the world. Travel Guide to Sierra Leone, Afghanistan is ranked at number three in this list having the illiteracy rate of 63.7%.

A huge number of the population is unable to read and write. It has a very low literacy rate like other West African countries, an illiteracy rate of 63.7%. In fact, the illiteracy has dominated more than 750 million. (Photo by Villamor Visaya / AFP), 30 October 2020, Spain, Barcelona: A man puts a barrier near burning trashes laid by protesters during a protest against the government's Coronavirus restrictions. Many children never go to school at all and cause literacy rate low year after year. Primary education is compulsory and is free of any charges. It receives an international donation every year as it had undergone economy depreciation in the past few years. Travel Guide to Benin on Amazon, It is located in West Africa has an illiteracy rate of 62.7%. The inability to read and write and to understand the basic fundamentals of life have made their life extremely difficult. The free education is mandatory for everyone by the Gambia Government but the deficiency of resources and educational infrastructure is a huge hindrance in the implementation of this law.

In the mid-80s, the literacy rate was estimated to be in between 18% and 25%.

Click here to subscribe to our free newsletter, Copyright: 1978 - 2020 © H H Saudi Research and Marketing LTD, All Rights Reserved And subject to Terms of Use Agreement,, Palestine Scores One of World's Highest Literacy Rates, In this May 26, 2019 file photo, a teacher supervises while school children attend a final exam during the last day of the school year, at the UNRWA, Hebron Boys School, in the West Bank. The most annoying fact about illiteracy is that many people do not take this issue seriously.

On the occasion of International Literacy Day, the Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics (PCBS) published a report saying Palestine has one of the world's highest literacy rates. Lack of transport is another challenge for those living in the countryside. Now a day, all over the world literacy statistics represents a sad picture of people having the capability to read and write.

Nongovernment organizations have set up a lot of learning institutes and colleges in the country. The Civil War caused a wide destruction of schools.
Check out this list to find which are the countries with the highest literacy rate in the world, based on data collected between 2015-2016. The literacy rate is actually higher, 98%, when only individuals between the ages of 15 and 24 are considered. School years interruptions and large class sizes of more than 120 students in a class are common factors making the individuals uneducated. The World Bank disclosed the literacy rate in Ethiopia through its study about five years ago. The History of Burkina Faso on Amazon, The country on the top of this list with the highest illiteracy rate in Niger. Millions of children are unable to go to schools. Crisis-hit Venezuela tops a list of countries with the highest levels of inflation, with a rate estimated at almost 282972.8 percent in April 2019. It has a total population of 9.05 million and has an illiteracy rate of 62.5%. This was based on the number of individuals who were capable of Read more about Ethiopia on Amazon, Benin is one of the poorest countries in Africa, irrespective of the fact that it is rich in natural resources that can increase the country’s income. There are no programs at all to teach the adults. Mauritania has a very high illiteracy rate of about 60.1%. For the UIS, the existing dataset serves as a placeholder for a new generation of indicators being developed with countries and partners under the umbrella of the Global Alliance to Monitor Learning (GAML). The global inflation rate is currently around 3.6%.

This involves close collaboration with a wide range of partners. Internal conflicts have affected a lot of people, caused a lot of damage to schools and restricted many people from going to school even for a long period. The speedy population growth makes the job of educating everyone extremely difficult. 70% of the men and almost all the women are illiterate. It faces a lot of problems in developing literacy the number one problem is violence. Nowadays, the school registration has doubled and new schools are developed to replace the older ones.

In 2018, the highest illiteracy rate among persons aged 15 years and above was in the Salfit governorate with 5.4%, followed by Jericho and Al Aghwar with 3.9%. Meeting Commitments: Are Countries on Track to Achieve SDG 4? In 2018, the female illiteracy rate was the highest in rural localities, followed by refugee camps and urban areas respectively.

However the poor children face so much hindrance, the price of food and other comforts keep them away from educational facilities offered by the Government.

Do Trump’s Statements Greenlight Egyptian Military Action over Nile Dam. More Than One-Half of Children and Adolescents Are Not Learning Worldwide, Literacy Rates Continue to Rise from One Generation to the Next, UIS Releases More Timely Country-Level Data for SDG 4 on Education, New Projections Show the World is Off Track in Meeting its Education Commitments by 2030.
History of Afghanistan on Amazon, The second most illiterate country in the world in Burkina Faso has an illiteracy rate of 77% with inadequate school registration percentage of only 39.1%. Yamaha TSR-7810 Review – Does It Deliver Quality Sound? The Ethiopian government is doing efforts to improve the educational system, however, the programs for development are implemented at very slow speed. The lowest rate was in Gaza governorate with 2%. This is an agricultural country having a literacy rate of 77.1% two decades ago, at that time 8 out of 10 people go to school but high school fees and other expenses lead to a decline in literacy rate. Almost 50% of the adult population is illiterate. Global Well-being since 1820” Literacy rate in 1900: 21% Literacy rate in 1960: 42% According to the World Bank: Literacy rate in 2015: 86% An overview of the academic literature on the historical origins and spread of literacy can be found in Easton, P. (2014). One-third of the way to the 2030 deadline for the Sustainable Development Goals, new projections prepared by the UNESCO Institute for Statistics (UIS) and the Global Education Monitoring Report (GEMR... Data for Sustainable Development - UIS Blog. Majority of illiterate people are adults comprising of more than 70% of the adult population and therefore this country is suffering from tremendous deficiency of school teachers even at the primary level. Two-third amount of population is illiterate. By region, the rate fell from 14.1% in 1997 to 3.0% in 2018 in the West Bank while the rate fell in the Gaza Strip from 13.7% in 1997 to 2.4% over the same period. This country has But because of the uncontrolled child labor, an appreciable portion of the population does not know even the basics of reading and writing.

The literacy rate in Equatorial Guinea is around 95% for both males and females over 15 years of age. Child labor is the major challenge this country facing in the development of education. As by law, to attend the school is mandatory for kids and it is absolutely free of cost. This was based on the number of individuals who were capable of reading and writing even straightforward sentences that were used in daily conversation.

It is one of the best countries in the world in terms of education, economic competitiveness, civil liberties, quality of life and human development. Literacy rate, adult total (% of people ages 15 and above) from The World Bank: Data Learn how the World Bank Group is helping countries with COVID-19 (coronavirus). It is one of the most badly affected countries by violence against schools and education. Pellet Grill Reviews – What is the Best Pellet Smoker? The highest illiteracy rates are present in less metropolitanized countries of Africa, Asia, and South America but mostly in Africa.