Thus, the mean temperature average on this month of august in Pokhara is 20°C. Our guides and drivers were perfect and a great part of the SA team. August is not the best month to visit Nepal. Yet, as lower the altitude, the temperature gets mild, and the environment gets fresh.

Lumbini, Compare quotes from upto 3 travel agents for free, 37 Facts About Nepal - A Guide to Staying Culturally Conscious, Safety in Nepal - Safety Tips When Travelling in Nepal, Online Visa for Nepal - Your Guide To The Visa Application Process, Visiting Nepal in April - Weather, Festivals, and Things To Carry, Nepal in February - Weather, Top Places & Things to Do in February in Nepal, Nepal in Winter - Weather, Top Places, Activities, Festivals, Nepal in January - Weather, Top Places & Festivals During January in Nepal, Nepal Visa for Indians - Documents and More. A carefully planned trip through North India personalised using quality accommodation transportation and guides. Finishing at a fantastic beach resort. The weather in Pokhara is quite correct. There's nothing like a friendly chat with an expert to help you decide where your travels should take you next. The world runs at a swift pace; so do our daily lives. We received an excellent service throughout our holiday in Vietnam. Visitors to Nepal in August will be welcomed by dazzlingly green rice fields. The weather in Pokhara can vary slightly from year to year, but this data should limit surprises.

HOWEVER whist most tour operators abandoned their quests Selective ensured we had a rep onsite at the facility who would bring us food and drink and even a pack of cards. 12 March, 2020. The destinations are displayed with objective criteria (climate, budget, activities ...) and are not related to any commercial offers. Everything was set. During August it generally rains around 345 mm (about 13 inches). Curious what the average weather is like in Kathmandu in a specific month? “Absolutely Fabulous!” The rainfall is not enough but the chills and cold days makes the weather of the mountain region pretty difficult to sustain. warning in august the weather is different depending on the city and regions of the country. 20 Beautiful Places In Nepal That Will Leave You Wonderstruck, Diwali in Nepal - Celebration of the Gods, Mother Nature and Oneself, Shopping In Nepal - What to Buy & Where to Buy From, Religions in Nepal - The Repository of Ethnic Mosaic, 11 Stunning Marvels of Architecture of Nepal and its 3 Styles, Complete Guide to the Perfect Wedding in Nepal, Handicrafts of Nepal - Best Handmade Crafts from the ‘Roof of the World’. You plan to visit Pokhara in Nepal in august : check how are the weather and seasonal norms here. They don’t just provide an excellent trip but take the trouble to really get to know their clients and can make recommendations and suggestions that will enhance an already great experience. I would never travel to Asia with any other company. So, the climate is hot and humid most of the time. They carefully listen to your requirements and needs, add a considerable amount of value with their experience and knowledge of the location, then craft you the perfect holiday. Nepal Trekking in Himalaya is Recommended by, Nepal Everest Himalaya Hiking - A Nepal Trekking Company, it generally rains around 345 mm (about 13 inches). The temperature and humidity are high. We have travelled with Selective Asia a number of times and we keep coming back and will continue to! The thermometer averaged maximum of 23°C. “Vietnam trip 2020” Get the monthly weather forecast for Kathmandu, Bagmati, Nepal, including daily high/low, historical averages, to help you plan ahead.

Anyone with an internet connection can sell you a flashy holiday but the true measure of any company is how they treat you when things go wrong - and Selective Asia have been faultless in a situation that was entirely blameless. Dashain 2019: Be A Part Of Nepal's Biggest Festival! The SelectiveAsia team managed to get us from the middle of the borneo rainforest to KL and home within 24 hours, were constantly in communication throughout. The average daytime temperatures are around 28°C (82°F) so the climate is hot and wet, meaning high humidity. If you love a cool and calm environment, this is time for you to visit Nepal. Cant recommend then enough.

Twitter The average daytime temperatures are around 28°C (82°F) so the climate is hot and wet, meaning high humidity. We rated the following activities from 1 (least suitable) to 10 (best) to do in . There's a lot of cloud cover at this time of year, so you'll be lucky if you get many opportunities to take in the vast views of the lofty Himalayas. Seasons in Nepal can be divided roughly into four seasons, although (as with weather conditions worldwide) these seasons are increasingly blurred. Bungee Jumping in Nepal - Take that Leap of Adrenaline! The average minimum temperature (usually the minimum temperature is noted during the night) in Kathmandu in August is 20.0°C (68°F).

Get the monthly weather forecast for Kathmandu, Bagmati, Nepal, including daily high/low, historical averages, to help you plan ahead.

13 March, 2020. The weather will also affect your ability to hike in the mountains and explore the area. In the same country with the same season, Nepal experiences three different warmth and chills. We came up with a fabulous itinerary with beautiful, individual places to stay and interesting places to visit.

That said I have to say this wasn't our first trip with Selective Asia, our honeymoon in 2011 was also booked through them and was amazing, from booking to completion everything was seamless.

Once this was all confirmed we had access to a great app that had all the information required to make a stress free trip.

The sun rises at 05:39 and sunset is at 18:48. During August, it rains throughout the country, and the weather gets unpredictable. Festivals in Nepal in August Nepal is widely regarded as the nation that celebrates the highest number of festivals in the world.

Day length in Pokhara in august is 13:09. How sunny is it in Nepal in August? Nepal is synonymous with mountain trekking and boasts some of the most impressive, challenging hikes in the world, but there’s so much more to this land-locked, Himalayan country then trekking. Nepal in August is the rainy season but it never deters people to visit the country. The itinerary is created together with you and hotel and activity selections being tailored exactly to our needs. Read all reviews, “Another fabulous trip”

The partners in the countries are equally amazing making the whole adventure very special.

These temperatures are far removed from those records observed in Pokhara in the month of august with a maximum record of 34°C in 2019 and a minimum record of 14°C in 2010. So what to wear in August? The coordination leading up to the holiday was detailed and left us free of concerns. Nepal Weather in August ; During August it generally rains around 345 mm (about 13 inches). From the time I first contacted Selective Asia, when I had a very useful conversation with Aaron about the type of trip we had in mind, to the very end of our holiday and return home, they provided excellent service. The last day of the festival is called Kumari Jatra. So, when you’re trekking in Nepal in August, you have to act wisely. Average daily weather: Around 28 °C. While we were already very happy with the holiday, it is times like this when you realise why local travel agents are so important! Sleepless in Delhi? Be prepared August is … Check below seasonal norms These datas are compiled from the weather statements of the last years of august. From first contact to the trip itself, first class service from anyone you make contact with. Weather Conditions while Trekking in Nepal in August. “Fantastic company, great holiday and amazing service when it all went wrong” 18 March, 2020, Great organisational skills and extremely responsive and supportive when airline cancelled one of our flights 24 hrs before we departed, “An exceptional business from start to finish.” Here Are Places You Can (And MUST) Visit After 11 PM if You're Bored at Home! Excellent from start to finish.

Families of the deceased join the procession and young men dress in outrageous costumes. Keep up to date with the weather conditions. The average maximum temperature lies around 28.0°C (82.4°F). provides a tool to help you decide on your next holiday destination. This is better than the previous month since in july it receives an average of 17.3in of rainfall over 30 days.

The preplanning of the holiday was interactive, so S.A. was able to offer exactly what we wanted. 11 February, 2020. Check out our extended forecasts. Weather data for Pokhara for august are derived from an average of the weather forecast since 2009 in Pokhara. In August, the weather of Nepal is usually rainy and it rains about 345 mm (about 13 inches). We recommend to visit Nusa Lembongan from April til October which is the dry season. The valleys are in full bloom and you'll have many trails to yourself. The average minimum temperature (usually the minimum temperature is noted during the night) in Kathmandu in August is 20.0°C (68°F). 28 June, 2020. For unique travel ideas and an insider's eye on all things Asia,subscribe to our InspirAsian newsletter, Thank you for signing up to our InspirAsian newsletter, An error occured, please try again or contact us if the problem persists.

The guides were knowledgeable and pleasant, the drivers courteous and careful, and the suggested itinerary suited us well. 30 April, 2020. Those who want to go to the beaches of the legendary Goa in India have a lot of options. This is one of that month where we can expect heavy rainfall. That sounds like something you would like to add to the bucket list right? Trekking, along with yoga and meditation, can truly enrich your experience of the scenic natural beauty of a site with the increased... You have entered an incorrect email address! Pokhara in particular gets 850mm of rain in just one month. I spent 6 months in Nepal some time ago, and the cloud didn't clear off the mountains until mid-September - and even then we didn't get decent views until the end of September.

Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. During August, it generally rains around about 13 inches. Yes, just about. This is the second holiday we have enjoyed with Selective Asia. The itinerary was excellent, we had a really good breadth of experience in each country. 24 November, 2019. Other travel companies could learn from them. The temperatures are warm in the day but as the sun sets the temperature falls quickly and nights are often very cold.

Boats were waiting for us and all the accommodation arrangements went well.

We now have a tool which suggests which destination suits your ideal climate conditions.

Get notified about our newest bucket list destinations and more! 12 March, 2020. The climate in Nepal in august ranges from tolerable to very bad depending on the region and city.

While Nick and his team were working at 1am in the morning to get us out the country, BA wouldn’t answer the phone and refused to get us home. Choose your hiking destinations carefully. 6 Rivers of Nepal That Have Breathtaking Views!