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Although it’s been many years since beef restrictions were lifted, buta don is still very popular in Japan. Copyright © All rights reserved. And they’ll have items such as: Donburi should not to be confused with the similar, but different, dish: ojuu. It's decadent and delicious! “Gyu” means beef in Japanese. This article explains what it, how to make it at home and where to have it in Tokyo too! The sauce from the toppings seeps into the rice below, making it less sticky and harder to eat with chopsticks. Starting way back in the Muromachi period (~1336 to 1573). "Donburi" is a Japanese dish where cooked or uncooked ingredients are served over a bed of rice.

So, why this Donburi is so popular then? For example, this can be a "kaisendon", a speciality of Hokkaido, which is basically incredibly fresh fish or seafood served over rice. There are, however, specific types of donburi dishes that are named according to the ingredients in the toppings. Donburi meals are quite popular not only among Japanese, but also so popular among foreigners too. Unfortunately, the price of this bowl is quite expensive, comparing with the other bowl dishes. We truly appreciate your support. Note that we link to certain 3rd party products via affiliate or sponsored links. The most common you’ll see are gyudon, katsudon, and butadon type places. Question about Japanese. That in itself can offer a wide range of possibilities. The simmering sauce varies according to season, ingredients, region, and taste. So, gyudon literally means beef bowl. Named for the large bowl that it’s served in called a “don”, a donburi combines a bowl of steamed rice, meat, vegetables, sauce, and usually a side of pickles and miso soup, for an all-in-one meal that’s both convenient and filling. There usually is not the same variety of butadon as with gyudon, however, there are usually around six options at these butadon restaurants. Thanks for your vote! Donburi rice bowls are the quintessential Japanese comfort meal.

Need A Stamina Charge? Essentially donburi is a rice dish with stuff on top. It can include right about anything as long as it is served over rice.

Unluckily, this bowl is also more expensive compared to the other bowls, but as a sushi lover it is a must-try! Kaisendon features steaming hot rice topped with the best seafood of the day, including incredibly fresh uni (sea urchin), sweet scallops, tender crab meat, and gleaming ikura. The result is a complete meal in a bowl. Famous gyudon chain restaurants include Yoshinoya, Matsuya, and Sukiya. Donburi a big bowl of sticky white rice, topped with tender meat and crunchy vegetables. Of course, the quality of this rice will vary from shop to shop. For oyakodon, Tsuji recommends dashi flavored with light soy sauce, dark soy sauce, and sugar.

Since then, the offerings for donburi have expanded to all kinds of foods, from beef to chicken and seafood and more. It’s especially delicious when the breaded katsu is still crisp even after cooking in the savory broth. Visit Gurunavi to find the best places to enjoy every kind of donburi in Japan. Some so drastically you might think it is a different kind of rice.
天麩羅丼ぶり or 天ぷら丼ぶり. Donburi is the Japanese word for a large bowl. Butadon is pork bowl. You need to be aware of your own food issues. However, if you serve this at home for some guests with a nice bottle of chilled white wine, you're bound to impress your friends. The taste of Unagi in Japan is well known as the best in the world. Donburi are sometimes called sweetened or savory stews on rice. The word “Don” means bowl in Japanese. A simple recipe something like this: Just mix everything and bring it to a boil, reduce to medium heat, and simmer until the sugar is fully dissolved. You’ll often find it abbreviated as simply don. A similar version of this dish is negitoro don, fatty tuna belly with spring onions.

Ten don may sound like a type of meat, but it actually covers a range of deep-fried tempura ingredients served over rice with sauce. Thinly sliced pork that is grilled and put over the rice, usually with some sliced green onion. A dish known as makanaidon is popular as an after-hours meal for restaurant employees, with the day’s leftovers served over a generous bowl of rice. What is tempura donburi in Japanese characters? All you need is raw salmon, salmon roe and shiso leaves to give it a nice presentation and taste.

Common ingredients include meat and seafood, along with cabbage, bamboo shoots, and wood ear mushroom. Here’s something interesting. This is not to say there are no restaurants dedicated to other specific types of donburi, there are.
I wanted to discuss this one next since the first one was beef. Some train stations and large malls have tempura restaurants serving tendon. First at very specific restaurants that focus almost exclusively on donburi. It can include right about anything as long as it is served over rice. Als Donburi (kurz Don) werden in Japan sämtliche Reisgerichte bezeichnet, die mit unterschiedlichen Toppings in einer Schüssel serviert werden. This Donburi consists of meat, such as pork or beef, fish, vegetables, and etc. Tendon is tempura over rice. Donburi cuisine first started to appear in Japan from the 1600s, when pieces of grilled eel were served on top of rice to theatergoers during the Edo period. The baseline sauce you’ll find consists of dashi, mirin, soy sauce, and sugar. The name oyako don, which literally means “parent and child” rice bowl, may seem a bit twisted but it’s no less delicious. This one is called the shiro bara don, and it's also a twist on a classic.