Shanice, what one thing Flex has taught you, or that you’ve learned by being married and connected to him for so long? Among R&B lovers, Usher handsdown will be favored. For more writings by this sista feel free to visit; SoulXPosed2U.

And then, you think it's all going to keep going. I need to hear her." I find it odd that you would put Usher’s audience as 34 and up???? on too many party songs idk if its the dude that, I have been playing Jordan Rakei, Tom Misch, Yussef Dayes, Peter Cottontale, Darius Scott lately. Beyonce even spoke to her and told her Solange sang your song (“I Love Your Smile”) at a talent show. I think CB can dance, but the moves he does do is average and can be found a Venice Beach. Shanice: I think we're just being ourselves. 5. example bey and rihanna. He was in his bag consistently for about 20 years. I just love being here, being with my family, us having fun together, the kids.

I would put it more like 25 and up.

Shanice: Airs. I do a lot of reading and stuff from my college days.

Taxpayers Have Been Sponsoring Louis Farrakhan’s Nation of Islam for Decades. Right now on the R&B charts, Usher’s Climax is still rising with incredible airplay gains. 1 in..I believe it was 22 countries.

Whether they like to hear it or not, she's paved the way. That was another big pop record for me. @Usher .

Chris Brown has led or shared vocals on over 800 songs in a mere seven years and people forget he was named Billboard’s Artist of the Year TWICE before the age of 19. A big part of Flex’s next chapter was announced in July, when Netflix revealed they were bringing a slate of UPN shows from the early ‘00s arriving to the app this Fall.

(L-R) Flex Alexander and Shanice attend the Soul Train Weekend Kick-Off Party on November 5, 2015 in Las Vegas, Nevada. He has friends that have cars and I'm like, "No, four or five of you all in the car? I wonder 30 and 40 years from now which one will be ranked amongst the greats such as  Stevie Wonder, The Isley Brothers and Earth, Wind and Fire. Flex: Yeah. Flex, what would you say to the younger Flex as he’s just starting out in the entertainment industry? Just being able to travel all over the world.

Everyone has made excellent comments and very valid points. chris nock usher out the box downtown to china and then up ur asss, cuz chris is THE BEST,<3333! Shanice: I like to drop it like it's hot. I say, "Baby, do you want to watch a movie?" Usher did the dance stuff and CB copied with watered down, sound a likes. Now, we're like, "No.". usher don’t come close to his shadow right now.

Not really. He did so many musical tributes (I.e Stevie Wonder) because all the music critics and celebs know how terrific he truly is. Listen, information is traveling fast.

Usher is best entertainer performance-wise, commercial wise and music wise. Everybody's story is different, but you just have to keep trying and keep believing in yourself. His vocals were developing really well but ever since he started smoking I’ve been quite disappointed since his real singing abilities aren’t shown.

That brings longevity. Also, Chris doesn’t just stay in the one lane. They have great programs and they do live concerts. In the end, Brown opted out of the conversation. Flex: This could lead right to it. We may come back to the situation and talk about it. Both are music entertainers (singers + dancers), but one is an icon (albeit undervalued), whereas the other is more of a star, who never fulfilled his potential.