“She wasn’t a complete victim in the whole thing,” Kristin argued, saying that Baskin antagonized the defendant, even during testimony.". He also supports those who exploit animals like www.TigerCubAbuse.com and www.TigerCubAbuse2.com.

A megalomaniac is someone who is obsessed with their own power, which is Carole Baskin to a T. When it comes to her supposed campaign of ending the exotic animal trade, these 10 facts will reveal why Baskin truly is a person of questionable integrity and a megalomaniac.

In the documentary series, Carole Baskin, who runs the animal shelter Big Cat Rescue, a non-profit animal sanctuary based near Tampa, Florida, is the central antagonist to Joe Exotic. One of her excuses, however, was that those particular leopards could not climb because they had been declawed, which was a result of her own actions. During one of their disputes, Don Lewis came in as an unknown visitor who helped her get away from Murdock's cruelty.

As per Baskin, Don, at the beginning of the conversation, said: "I just need someone to talk to."

Melissa holds a Bachelor's Degree in Biology and is a plant and animal enthusiast with multiple pets. Published On Sat Jun 20 2020   Modified On Tue Aug 11 2020, activist and owner of Big-cat rights rescue. Here are some facts relating to Carole Baskin's net worth in 2020: When Carole Baskin was 17, she got married to a departmental store owner, Micheal Murdock, on April 7, 1979. "Florida Trip part 3 047" by baucomjd is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0. I'm A Celebrity first contestant 'revealed' as Ant drops hint? A discussion ensued between Baskin and Lewis's children for his property, but it resulted in Baskin controlling the majority of her deceased husband's estate. READ MORETiger King's Carole Baskin to star in new TV show after Netflix hit. Carole has since returned to our screens as she appears on the latest series of Dancing with the Stars. By using this site, you agree to the Privacy Policy and Terms of Use. But, can only save a small percentage of those in need. In a paper entitled “Who Are Exotic Pet Owners,” Carole Baskin revels in her perceived talents, physical attributes, and financial success.

Their listings read: “Earn up to $5.00 US for posting a comment on a big cat news story!

They mistakenly think if they twist ancient things and even outright lie people will forget about the real issue which is THEM ABUSING ANIMALS…”.

She is recently in talks after the federal court handed Zoe Exotic's Oklahoma zoo to Carole Baskin.