Just to let everyone know, I am making progress.

I strongly encourage the SMUD board to reject any attempt to enact this rate change.

You could also be using more water if you have someone new living with you. Fifth, the appraiser was booked but cancelled. If the coil starts freezing just overcharge to get the suction pressure up.

My bill is about even to what it would have been Had I not gotten solar. Your contractor is wrong when he says the strips are being used to defrost the outside unit. and the power bill. This is an apparent contradictory strategy for SMUD, moving us away from energy sustainability, rather than toward it. SMUD, in addition to many solar companies have pitched a program that would lower electric bills while using clean energy sources. Mark G.

22 marginal cost in rate making is the cost of adding one Instead they make suggestions like “start or program your dishwasher, washing machine or clothes dryer to run and finish before 5 p.m. or to start after 8 p.m., or schedule these chores for any time on the weekend when all hours are at the lowest off-peak price.” The UN has announced catastrophic repercussions if we humanity do not reverse our global greenhouse gas emissions and solar is a major factor here.

On the other hand, the coil can develop frost in the 40's (coil is always colder than ambient), but not when in the 50's.

That is probably higher as a percentage than PG&E's net income. For proof please see my Set 1 of questions and also the RT02 rate design study. You have admitted that they are relevant to the proposed rates for 2020 and 2021.

That's $528 per year!

I'm not one to advocate frivolous lawsuits, but I sure hope this woman nails the contractor responsible for this. Even still SMUD asks customers to not use high energy appliances during peek periods. https://www.smud.org/en/Corporate/About-us/Company-Information/Reports-and- Statements/GM-Reports-on-Rates-and-Services.

A customer can get a 0 down, 20yr loan, and finance a system for every $10000 for just $44/mo.
I was under the impression SMUD wanted us to have Solar. The 2019 rates, described in the CEO and GM Report for 2017 in Appendix I, pages 109 - 112, are based on the draft report titled "2017 (sic) Residential Time-of-Use Rate (RT02) Design Study," dated November 30, 2016.

I'm sure you know about this covered up agenda that SMUD is attempting and keeping away from the public. They switch on the heater once a day maybe until it gets shut off by somebody, but the tv is non stop. Nor in the Rate Design Study RT02. As renewable energy becomes a requirement in California, your purposed solar fee makes no sense. Thank you for sharing this information, however it extremely concerning and will impact our business greatly as we were planning on expanding our footprint at this location in the near future. Furthermore, due to changes to utility incentives and net-metering policies in Nevada starting in 2014, solar customers would not be significantly shifting costs to other ratepayers. If you can spare the time, I'd love to join you for lunch near your office sometime.

If you are pulling an extra $20 a month from every SMUD customer, it looks like all that extra money could have bought a more professional job on this work. Until now I loved being part of a local energy company that gives me the feeling that me as a customer matters. All SMUD buildings are closed. As such it is legally binding on SMUD. We've cancelled our home purchase agreement, right after it went into escrow, and created a domino effects: This is what truly had happened.
I barely have enough income to make it through the month.

The 9.2% scalar, in SMUD’s opinion, is NOT part of SMUD’s reasonable cost of providing the electricity service. If whoever gets this letter will kindly pass it on to someone who might value my opinion I would appreciate it. I am concerned that your company has no information regarding the solar Grid Access Charge in the billing portion of your web page. Then the electric usage rates could be based just upon kwh from SMUD without rolling the connection fee into the rates - a system that has created the present imbalance.

The only result will be to discourage people from becoming more energy efficient and independent. Your action is in direct opposition to this target as it halts solar installation in SMUD service areas. Furthermore, you just increased rates by the charging the "time of day" rates. BBB remains operational and focused on serving our business community. On another subject. It is an attack on solar, and will punish people simply for reducing their electricity use. Gabor L.

you’re having trouble, don’t hesitate to hire a professional. The fixed charge to me seems detrimental to those goals. I am very disappointed to learn about this policy, as it seems to be in conflict with the long term goals for our community.

On top of wasting water, a leak could lead to rot and structural damage. The whole point of buying a home with solar is to reduce charges. I think you people are thinking too far out of the box. Some rate classes include demand charges and some don’t. SMUD’s response and failure to answer most of my questions is not conducive to transparency in government or to Ordinance 15-1 or to the California Government Code section 54950, which says: In enacting this chapter, the Legislature finds and declares that the public commissions, boards and councils and the other public agencies in this State exist to aid in the conduct of the people’s business. I submit it cannot be done, and would be subject to a court challenge if Telsa/Smud follows through on proposals of 4/19/19. Of course by doing so, rates per kwh from SMUD would decrease by the amount of the increase in grid connection fee. Once the first phase of Grid Access Charge is introduced, you can see the project immediately becomes economically irrational. Also, loss of potential earning on other sales. We pay our SMUD bill and we pay Solar City/Tesla for solar energy created; even energy not used! Dear Director Brandon Rose,

You're basing the charge on the capacity of the system.

I don't install Holiday lights! I too am opposed to such increases. If you do not wish for your comments to be publicly available on this page, please indicate that at the time of submission. This is the easy way out not the right way. My question was, “The question here is, are the proposed rate increases for 2020 and 2021 based, in part, on the scalar of 9.2%?”. However, BBB does not verify the accuracy of information provided by third parties, and does not guarantee the accuracy of any information in Business Profiles. I’m guessing that this unnecessary “advertising” by SMUD is costing MILLIONS of DOLLARS.

Taxes and rate increases will  cause us to consider moving. Saying that people who have solar "do not pay of fair share".

I would like to suggest one way SMUD could save on costs. A simple request: Please plan to make access to solar power better rather than even more complicated. The summer peak rates are intended to hurt ratepayers and energy users. Why should electricity be different? And both were much warmer than they should be.

When utilities and agencies assess the impacts of DG solar generation, they should look not just at last revenue but at the full range of costs and benefits of that generation, which extends far beyond the avoided commodity cost. I want to state my opposition to the proposal on solar.

Then I am just like any other user just using less power. Easy solution is for all solar users to just scuttle their old systems and and not replace, Use will skyrocket and then we will have issues with billions in New lines and power stations to support the extra power needs. Am I reading this right? Sell and exodus out back to the east coast. Bedrooms range from tiny to massive, and if it’s on the smaller side, fitting all the... Standard Futon Dimensions: Various Sizes & Types (with Photos). The proposed new rates shown on page 89 of the CEO and GM Report for 2019, volume 1, are the result of adding 4.75% and then 4.5%, respectively, to the 2019 rates for residential to get the proposed 2020 and 2021 rates. The SMUD proposal, however, is a poorly-conceived overreach that simply punishes people for making the responsible choice. Been reading everything I could to make an informed decision. It will discourage community from investing in environment friendly Solar energy solution. Fun stuff. First off, yes some Tesla bot just alerted me to this.

This is criminal. (-:    Hooked the white wire back up last night and the unit is going through "defrost" cycles when the lines aren't even frosted over. Redding (the above discussed case) set a precedent applicable to SMUD’s new Time of Day and Fixed Rate electricity rates. I guess I’ll only run my Pool Pump until noon, so much for the solar panel I put in to heat my pool water (not) I am voicing my issue with the new grid fee.

SMUD has failed to answer questions related to the 2019 GM Report.

my bill is tripled and I want to know why I can only get heat to blow out hot if the thermostate is on supl heat. Then there is the time-of-use increase, which should also cover some of the enumerated expenses in paragraph two. Adding solar to my rooftop would not be worth the risk -- there would be very little financial incentive.

Especially because SMUD plans to charge solar customers the fee regardless of whether they have their own battery backup or not. This will cause us to pay more on average a year than we had pre-solar.

Therefore, it is unfair to add this additional charge when I have no choice where MY power generation goes. Isn't that a bit much to ask for? Why bother with all these "Green" initiatives guilting us into taking on more responsibility if we are nothing more than consumers to you? It goes totally against SMUD’s assertion of being an energy conservation.

Also, loss of potential earning on other sales. Mr. Jeremy Burkhalter, Customer Service Supervisor, Sacramento Municipal Utility District (SMUD). But from SMUD, it's just mystifying. The only result will be to discourage people from becoming more energy efficient and independent.

7 in the cost study from the marginal cost to the The solar fees program that SMUD is going to implement is entirely unfair to potential solar customers.

I do not know anyone in my neighborhood who has that small a system.

Since retirees are living on fixed incomes a rise in cost could mean the difference between purchasing medications. The monthly charge for such a system would range from $32 to $44 through 2025. Would of never noticed but bill was about 5000 kwh for that month. Too much of OUR  payment for service  dollars and cents are wasted. I would really like to try and understand how SMUD is not screwing Solar Customers with new Fee proposal and how this wont reduce resale values of homes with Solar. This, combined with your proposed rate increase will kill the residential solar power program. Before changing the thermostat that breaker was pulling 42 amps on one leg.